Christmas cake

sjordan, Nov 25, 4:33am
Have I left it too late to make one? I am a christmas cake virgin LOL and really want to make one.

molly37, Nov 25, 5:02am
Well i havent made mine, doing this weekend.... If i have time. Dont want to add alcohol. Any idea if it will be ok wrapped in tinfoil for a few weeks. Or should I freeze it.

sjordan, Nov 25, 5:23am
Im the same no alcohol in mine either. Should I freeze it?

clair4, Nov 25, 5:34am
I have been advised to wrap in greaseproof paper as aluminium can taint your cake.

margyr, Nov 25, 5:49am
in the search box just on the left type in 4 ingredients fruit cake in the keyword or member box, then in the date posted click on the little arrow on the side and then on anytime then search. This is a lovely very, easy cake to make.

cgvl, Nov 25, 9:52am
never wrap it in tinfoil. I always leave the baking paper on and wrap with more of same then in newspaper, several layers then into the pantry or a cupboard where it is cool.
never put it in the fridge as it will cause cake to dry out.

juliewn, Nov 25, 11:54am
The recipe we love is very moist so I always freeze them.. once completely cold - I leave the cakes at least 24 hours - I wrap in three layers of plastic wrap and freeze the cakes.

Due to the sweetness of the fruit, the cake doesn't go hard so the flavours continue to develop.. I've once used a cake straight from the feezer - we all thought it was great.. chilled and very tasty - great for a hot summer's day..

Once I take a cake from the freezer, I keep it covered in the fridge and use it from there - it's very moist and that ensures that any mould doesn't form.

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