Mud Cake-how long will it stay moist?

chrisandray, Nov 16, 6:13pm
Hi everyone, I'm making the Mud cake for an important event, and need to know if I can make it one or maybe two days before and keep it moist somehow?Would really appreciate suggestions thanks.

kimkat1, Nov 16, 6:21pm
I do all the time,,, keeps lovely and fresh, If its for a saturday I ussually make it on a Thursday, have even once done a wednesday....

chrisandray, Nov 16, 6:32pm
oh brilliant,thanks so much...what icing do you use? I'm thinking of ganache (just before serving)...

ribzuba, Nov 16, 9:59pm
i used to work at a restaurant where we kept ours for a month, it was still moist but did taste funny, i think abouta week i would say, you can serve it with hot or cold ganache

rosathemad, Nov 16, 11:00pm
My mud cake tastes better on the second/third day - it's like the flavours intensify.

I usually use ganache but cream cheese icing also goes quite well, just depends what you want. :-) You can whip ganache once it's set to make a fluffier icing if you are decorating.

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