Making christmas cake and the icing

t.gypsy, Nov 9, 6:19pm
meaning the almond and the royal what would the key things i would need to know about handling them.

when i say the icing meaning i am going to get it pre made from the shop. Never handled it as this is the first time i am making a christmas cake.

margyr, Nov 9, 6:41pm
roll it in your hands till nice and soft, use cornflour on your hands to stop sticking,use egg white to paint your cake before putting on the almond layer, if you have any dents in the cake panel beat them with almond icing first. Roll your almond icing out using cornflour on bench first, if you have a peice of dowling gently roll icing onto this to lift to your cake, or use your rolling pin. Smooth it down with your hands starting from centre of cake working to edges and then down the sides, trim around bottom of cake as you will probably get some spread at the bottom. When you want to put your white icing on paint the almond again using egg white. Good luck and have fun.

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