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bridgetmcl, Oct 30, 6:37pm
How long before Christmas do you normally make yours?

molly37, Oct 30, 7:06pm
Yeah, i'm wondering too. Always counted on Mum to make us one, thinking I might try it myself this year. Do i have to freeze it, or will it last in a tupperware container or wrapped in Glad Wrap.

dorothy_vdh, Oct 30, 7:28pm
I made mine last weekend. I don't put alcohol in ours. I just put it into the freezer,and it comes out just perfect and ready to be iced a few days before christmas

chicco2, Oct 30, 7:38pm
Any time now is good. Dont store in plastic as the cake may sweat. Leave its baking paper (from cooking it) wrpapped around it and wrap again with lotsof greaseproof type paper and store in a tin or just a cool shelf in the pantry.Feezing is perfect also, just make sure to remove plastic bags and allow it to thaw on a rack whereit wont sit in moisture. Mmm Xmas Cake.

thejewellerybox, Oct 30, 7:56pm
Usuallyin november.Love the smell ofit cooking!

pickles7, Oct 30, 8:35pm
Now is good. Pour some good brandy over the top wrap up well and put it in a dark cool place. I wrap mine in baking paper then news paper. I just may get off my butt and go make mine today.

raewyn64, Oct 30, 9:47pm
my hubby wants me to make ours now - only I know there won't be any left come Christmas lol :)

bridgetmcl, Oct 30, 10:33pm
We usually cut ours at the beginning of Dec and there's still a bit left at Christmas.

gardie, Oct 30, 11:35pm
Always, always make ours at Labour weekend and store it wrapped in the paper I baked it in, then well wrapped in gladwrap, in the fridge.In our family, everyone has to stir the cake too.Put some love into it to make it taste better!And I change the recipe slightly each year by varying the dried fruit and the spirits that I pop in.

greerg, Oct 31, 12:41am
The earlier the better.It improves with time and the addition of some brandy from time to time.

southerngurl, Oct 31, 12:42am
Hubby started soaking the fruit in alcohol a few weeks ago.. he then makes the cake bout end of nov. and tops up with brandy after that

nfh1, Oct 31, 12:47am
Made mine two weeks ago - it is wrapped in greaseproof paper and in a Click Clack Container.

marcs, Oct 31, 1:47am
I make mine 6 to 9 months ahead, store it in a containter still in the paper it has been baked in and cover with foil. I pour a 1/4 cup of brandy in it each month. It is a rather boozy cake but very much in demand. I still have a 1/4 of one frozen from last year.

willman, Oct 31, 1:54am
I made mine in Sept,has some brandy in it. Wrapped it well and is in the freezer.

kiwibubbles, Oct 31, 2:20am
surely a fruit cake doesn't need to be freezed???????????
i always make mine about labour weekend, and leave it to cool in the tin. Prior to taking it out, pour a couple tablespoons of brandy on top, then wrap in alum foil and put it away. A couple weeks before xmas I then ice it. Hvae never needed to freeze it, and it lasts a few months easy.

kiwibubbles, Oct 31, 2:20am
If you freeze it, doesn't this mean the fruit cake won't mature?

lynja, Oct 31, 3:32am
interesting point kiwibubbles, however i freeze mine now too. it really comes out beautifully. yet to be made, within a week of two probaby. i leave it in the paper etc it is cooked in. wrap in tin foil, an put in a plastic bag and freeze. not really the traditional way of storage but it does keep well. we usually dont cut ours until christmas day, although thats prob silly as everyone is too full to have any!! just looks good!

timetable, Oct 31, 3:34am
all done and in the tin, tucked at the back of the cupboard...i use gingerale, but still find that it holds just as well as one with booze and taste divine!!make it now its great timeing and takes the stress out of those last few weeks leading up to the big day....

kiwibubbles, Oct 31, 4:03am
yes we save mine for xmas day too :)

52many, Oct 31, 4:32am
I remember I bought a christmas cake from Countdown a very long time ago and it was absolutely delicious. Everyone wanted the receipe and I said no it was a family secret!! I have never to this day been able to replicate it so if anyone knows about the receipe then I will be forever grateful!!! Yes, my nose is longer for the lie!!!

fifie, Oct 31, 4:57am
Mid- end of November for me i make my little mini cakes in texas muffin tins put a tinkle of brandy on each while warm and wrap tin and all in a large towel and keep them in the pantry. Nearer christmas decorate with nuts cherries etc and glaze them with a brandy apricot glaze.When i made big cakes done them november, wrapped them same way then tinkled brandy over them weekly.

retired, Oct 31, 5:37am
My birthday is on Boxing Day, not saying how many years....I was a child during the war years (second that is) and my Birthday Cake always had snow and Father Christmas on it.My mother and aunt saved fruit rations and sugar etc all year to make the cake and it was always cut on my birthday.My cake is mixed and in the tin, will go in the oven tomorrow morning.I have made the same cake since I first married almost 57 years ago and you can leave it standing overnight to cook the next day.Love the smell that fills the house at Christmas time.

52many, Oct 31, 6:01am
Wow, retired, that is fantastic!(Not to mention your star status!!!) Would you share your recipe? I love these older recipes made with love and imagination! My MIL makes things from the top of her head and they are awesome but her christmas pud that she makes every year for every child, is amazzzzing! Still complete with coins.

retired, Oct 31, 6:12am
Hi 52many I will put it on tomorrow.It is from an old cookery book that was in the first house we bought in 1954.It was old then and had been left with the cooker.I used the recipe for a three tiered wedding cake for my niece and I said at the time I never wanted to see a pack of butter for a long time.......

retired, Oct 31, 6:38am
Here it is 52many all in old weights.3/4 lb Brown Sugar, 3/4 lb Butter, 6 Eggs, 1 lb Flour, 1 lb Sultanas, 1 lb Currants, 3/4 lb Raisins, 6 ozs Candied Peel, 2 ozs Cherries (I use more of both colours), 1/4 Chopped Almonds, 1 Teaspoon Mixed Spice, 2 Tablespoons Dark Treacle, 1 Glass of Brandy.Beat butter and sugar to a cream, add each egg separately, beat until stiff and uniform.Stir in flour, chopped almonds, fruit, treacle and brandy.Transfer to well lined tin and bake for 6 hours 20 minutes Gas Mark 1/275/140/Slow Oven.If desired this cake may be left in the tin to stand all night before baking.I usefully feed the cake for a few weeks by pricking the top with fine needle and pouring over whatever I choose.I have never had a failure.I have just looked and the date of the book January 1935 year I was born!

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