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books4nz, Nov 2, 1:35am
After reading the above, now I'm yearning for Christmas Cake!
Making ours in a week or so when family home to stir the mix and make a wish :-)

Retired - congratulations on your almost 57 years of marriage - you're inspiring :-)

nauru, Nov 2, 11:08am
This is the same recipe with the addition of nutmeg and cinnamon that my Mum and Aunt made for years for Christmas, Birthdays and many family and friends Weddings including my brother's and mine, it was my Granny's recipe so don't know how old it is.

elliehen, Nov 2, 11:44am
nfh1, don't get a fright and think you've got dementia.This is a bumped one-year-old thread, so you might not have made your Christmas Cake two weeks ago and stored it in a Click Clack Container.

You'd better go and check!

oxheart, Nov 2, 10:02pm
Anyone tried Nigella Lawsons chocolate christmas cake! Made it last year, was great.


nfh1, Nov 2, 10:16pm
LOL elliehen - sadly no cake here yet this year!

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