Icing for a vanilla butter cake?

cap, Oct 25, 11:08pm
My daughter is almost 10 and has decided this year she wants a vanilla butter cake so I am going to give Cooks Essentials' recipe a go.For the decoration she wants white icing and a music theme.I'll do some music notes with chocolate so that is easy enough but I am unsure how to do the icing.I usually make the Vienna Cream/butter icing but that is not really white.I don't want to do a fondant/marzipan thing.So the only other thing I can think of is cream cheese icing but then again wouldn't that be a bit yellow with the butter in it plus not sure how the tastes would go?I know there is one you can make with egg whites but from what I can recall that is pretty messy.Thanks for any suggestions.

ribzuba, Oct 26, 12:05am
swiss meringue buttercream is quite white

cap, Oct 26, 1:19am
I think that Swiis meringue one is the one I have had before and it was super messy - yummy though!I think my best bet is to convince her to choose a colour lol!

waswoods, Oct 26, 2:00am
Don't people use Kremelta for white icing? I just beat mine for a long time and the butter goes white

tortenz, Oct 26, 2:10am
Yes, if you use buttercream, but replace the butter with vegetable shortening (Kremelta), it comes out white.

You would also use that recipe if making red buttercream, because the yellow of the butter changes the red colour and makes it pinkish

ribzuba, Oct 26, 2:14am
if you use kremalta though it has a higher melting point than butter so taste wise it won't be so delicious, what if you did buttercream then covered it in fondant?

tinawal, Oct 26, 6:50am
http://www.easy-cake-ideas.com/buttercream-filling.html#Cookies & Cream Filling

I used this buttercream icing and it uses butter and kremelta and its goes a nice white colour.

cap, Oct 26, 8:47pm
Thanks everyone for your suggestions.

naki45, Oct 26, 9:45pm
You could do cream cheese Icing, or a white chocolate ganache type icing.

cap, Oct 26, 10:53pm
Mmmm - white chocolate ganache!Love the idea of that.Thanks.

eternity04, Oct 27, 10:05am
Use chefade not kremelta in your buttercream, you wont get any flavour from it. Make sure you beat the butter until it is white. White ganache is a good idea also, but it can get quite sickly and some young children might not like it that much. I know when I eat to much white chocolate it makes me sick.

rosathemad, Oct 28, 9:26am
Swiss meringue buttercream can be a bit fiddly but is closer to white than most others - I really dislike the flavour of vegetable shortening so never use it, I would rather not have pure white cake! The other option is an American frosting - these are a bit easier than buttercream and really are white. I've made them before but can't find my recipe, but so far as I can tell they're all much of a muchness - here's one: http://allrecipes.com//Recipe/fluffy-white-frosting/Detail.aspx - it's basically like a semi-cooked meringue (pregnant women may want to avoid!)

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