Chch folks - anyone shopped at Baker Boys 2nds ..

winnie231, Oct 18, 8:48pm
shop in Helanca Ave? Any good?
I want to take some afternoon tea into school with me on Fri as a birthday shout but don't have time to bake.
Can I get something cheap but still yum here?
Thanks, Rae

suzanna, Oct 18, 9:57pm
I often stock up out at the French Bakery bakehouse 238 Port Hills Rd. Great savories and other treats and freeze well. Prefer it to Baker Boy's somewhat dull offerings.

winnie231, Oct 18, 10:04pm
Thanks for the tip suzanna. What are their prices like & do they have cakes & slices? Savories won't be any good as there's nowhere to heat them.

suzanna, Oct 18, 11:13pm
Just gave them a bell for you Rae and yes they have some sweets. Examples are: mini muffins $12.10 single trayor 24 or $47.90 for carton of 96. Flavours banana, chocolate, carrot. Danish pastries apricot, apple, cherry which are $8.30 for a tray of 10 or $46.90 for carton 60. Petite fours various flavours (think she said 21) such as lemon meringue, passionfruit mango $42.90 for carton of 105. Sorry didn't write down the single layer cost. I have shopped there for savouries quite alot and have never been disappointed with the quality even though they're often seconds. Should mention that I have no connection to them as it sounds like I'm selling for them! If you want to call them the # is 366 1670. Good earthquake eh?? Don't believe it was only a 5.

winnie231, Oct 18, 11:32pm
Thanks very much suzanna - I really appreciate your effort for me :)
That quake really freaked me out!!! My house was swaying & shuddering alarmingly *dislike* *dislike*

suzanna, Oct 18, 11:39pm
You're welcome. A friend just phoned me re the quake and I asked her what she thought of Baker Boys and she shops there often and loves it so maybe you need to check it out and see what you think. Maybe their products have improved? Yes I have had more china fatalities so I'm doing a sulk and it can stay where it's landed! Trying hard not to lose my sense of humour....

bluecalico, Oct 19, 2:45am
Baker Boys factory shop is great. Their sausage rolls/savouries are dirt cheap and better quality than Couplands. Had a very nice chocolate cake from there the other day, $4.10 and it was very moist with a lovely icing. I have had their slices too.....nice. Definitely worth a visit. I think their food is excellent and very very well priced.

calista, Oct 19, 3:20am
Suzanna - your last post was just too tempting *note to self - mustn't weaken.

winnie231, Oct 19, 4:18am
Looks like I'll be visiting Baker Boys ... seems like cheating but between work & school, I just won't have time to cook myself.

greerg, Oct 19, 4:47am
Wow - a sense of humour still Suzanna - you're doing well.I can't find mine at all when everything is shaking.

guest, Mar 22, 2:57pm
In one of your episodes, you all sttaed that none of the good guys have non-US dialects, but what about Obi Wan one of the core good guys is distinctly British. Interesting theory you put out there, but Obi Wan pierces it.

guest, Mar 23, 5:43am
hey guys, love the podcast, been a ltsenir since episode 7. i seriously think you guys gotta do an episode on Yarel Poof, i mean just from robot chicken he is hilarious! keep up the great work, looking forward to another live episode!

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