Fruit Cake

myrleen, Oct 8, 5:54am
Just been given a recipe 1 kg of mxed fruit, 2 cups of orangejuice soak fruit in orange juice over night next day add 2 cups self raising flour an option is to add 2 teaspoons mixed spice and cook for 30 minutes at 150 degrees and then reduce to 130 degrees for a further 40 miniutes,
Would be interested to hear from anyone that has used this recipe as to the success

jessie981, Oct 8, 6:13am
Fine have baked it a couple of times. Quite a heavy cake.

worrit, Oct 8, 8:21am
I have made this many times.I usually only soak the fruit for 3 to 4 hours.It keeps well and freezes if you want to.My family love it.

jennis, Oct 8, 9:09am
And you can use made-up coffee instead of the orange juice if you want, plus add spices, nuts, etc.

maximus44, Oct 9, 4:28am
I've made it many times with variations e.g. soak the fruit in coffee or cold tea or alcohol. Add whatever spices, essences you have. I have found it very successful.

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