Truffle recipe using left over Choc Cake

paghan, Sep 18, 11:41pm
Would anybody have a recipe, I have tried google, but cant find one, heaps for bread and butter puddings, and lots using Marshmallow cream etc. Thanks :)

speedy_11, Sep 18, 11:49pm
google cake balls, theres a heap of links

paghan, Sep 19, 12:04am
almost all of the cake ball recipes call for a can of frosting, I dont have any :( what I do have is a nearly a whole cake to use

pamellie, Sep 19, 12:50am
Is this of any use to you?

Leftover Slice

4 muffins or cake equivalent
½ packet plain biscuits
½ cup walnuts or dried fruit, apricots or sultanas etc
125g butter
½ cup sugar
1 tbsp cocoa
1 egg beaten

Melt butter, sugar and cocoa, stirring until sugar is dissolved. Leave to cool a little.
Whiz muffins and biscuits into crumbs. Add dried fruit or nuts.
Add beaten egg to butter mix. Beat in.
Add to crumb mixture.
Press into slice tin.
Ice with chocolate icing.

tortenz, Sep 19, 4:34am
You can use cream cheese to make cake balls, or maybe some condensed milk

boxsters3, Sep 19, 6:54am
4 cups plain or choc cake crumbs, 1/4 cup cocoa

1/4 cup jam (any flavour - warmed) 2 Tbsp brandy or dark rum,

2 Tbsp water coconut or choc sprinkles to roll them in.

Combine cake crumbs, sifted cocoa, strained jam, alcohol & water.

Roll into balls and into coconut or sprinkles. Refrigerate.( I got this recipe off here 'ages ago' but didn't note who had posted it.)

lisa7, Sep 19, 7:37am

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