Marshmallows using Greggs jelly

I saw a recipe for marshmallow on the back of a greggs jelly packet and went and threw it out before I got a chance to try it! Does anyone by chance have the quantities? It's made using the jelly mix, caster sugar and water. TIA

Chef_ry5, Aug 19, 4:15 pm

Jelly Marshmallow

1 pkt jelly soak in 1 1/2C water for 10 mins then boil for 8 mins.
When cool add 1C icing sugar & beat till thick & stiff.

Chef_pam.delilah, Aug 19, 4:41 pm

Thanks Pam, I went back to the super duper and got another jelly and their recipe is similar:Dissolve jelly in 1/2 cup boiling water, beat 1 cup caster sugar with 1/2 cup cold water. Combine the 2 mixtures and beat till thick and creamy. Pour into a shallow chilled dish and refrigerate.

Chef_ry5, Aug 20, 4:21 pm

It works well - my lot scoffed it all within a day!

Chef_bisloy, Aug 20, 5:20 pm

mmmmm i think i gota try this! !

Chef_h2gobaby, Aug 20, 6:43 pm

I have to try this, it sounds so yummy, we grew up on greggs jellies and we use to help mum make them, this was in the 1960s but am surprised that she didnt make marshmellows. Thank you for the recipe, cheers.

Chef_sinet, Aug 20, 9:08 pm

I got this recipe from my mother who got it from hers but is called "Wobble Gobbles". After the mixture is thick put spoonfuls on trays and once set roll in coconut. Yumo!

Chef_krazy_kat, Aug 21, 7:40 pm

I had to jump on this thread.Years ago my mum made a dessert using jelly.The jelly would be on the bottom, and on the top she would put this frothy type mixture.I remember her whipping this mixture up with an egg beater, but have no idea what the ingredients would be.she's not around to tell me.I have a feeling this thread could give me the answer.I might halve the above mentioned ingredients to make half jelly half marshmallow gobble wobbles.

Chef_lyndyhopper, Aug 28, 11:39 pm

many years ago in an old Edmonds cookbook there was a marshmallow slice recipe using a jelly, water, and icing the edition i had the water was accidentally doubled ......if you want it really fluffy use less water 3/4 cup...cook for 8 to 10 minutes then beat with the Icing sugar until it is puffed up and fluffy........yum

Chef_madzwhippet, Aug 29, 2:12 pm

Thanks Madz, thats probably where my mum got the recipe.I'm going to suprise my boyz with this dessert(tommorow)

Chef_lyndyhopper, Aug 29, 8:58 pm

lyndy, i make the jelly in the usual way and put it in the fridge.when it is cold and slightly SLIGHTLY set then i tip it into the blender for abt a minute.then pour it into the bowl.when that is all stiff (froth on top ) i add another one in the same way.usually have diff colours.when pouring another one on top of the other, use the back of a spoon to let it run off.... doesn't make a hole and you lose your 2nd grand kids love it.i hate jelly!!

Chef_hanmer, Aug 29, 10:56 pm

I'm trying this on the kids for puds tonight. thanks.

Chef_lyndyhopper, Aug 30, 5:15 pm

Hi Lyndy..
There's another recipe that uses a packet of jelly too, that may be what you're looking for.. it sometimes sets with a frothy-er top half and a more jelly-like bottom half..

Chill well a can of evaporated milk.. for at least several hours.
Make up 2 packet jelly's using half the amount of water the instructions include.
Set aside to cool, then chill till it's just beginning to set.

Place the evaporated milk in a large bowl and beat well until the volume is at least double in size.
Add the chilled, beginning to set jelly, and continuing beating for a few minutes.
Pour into a large serving bowl - or many individual dishes - it makes a lot - and chill till set and ready to serve.
Decorate as you wish..

Chef_juliewn, Aug 30, 8:24 pm

thanks Juliewn

Chef_lyndyhopper, Sep 2, 11:12 pm

I got sucess with beating the jelly just before it set. I had tomuch froth but next time I will beat less. thank you

Chef_lyndyhopper, Sep 12, 11:43 am

Hi, years ago I used to make a jelly and add pineapple (crushed) and whipped cream. Unfortunately I have forgotten this recipe till I read this thread, I used to also add cooked rice to it. Does anyone know of this recipe? I think you also used the pineapple juice, but can't be sure.

Chef_wellyamerican, Sep 12, 2:02 pm

Could it be this one from a 1970's Edmonds Cookbook?
Pineapple Barvarian Cream:
1 pkt jelly crystals, 2 breakfastcups hot water, 1 tsp lemon juice, 1/4 pint whipped cream, 1 breakfastcup chopped canned pineapple.Dissolve jelly crystals in hot water, add lemon juice.When beginning to set, beat till fluffy, then gently fold in pineapple and whipped cream.Set in a wet mould. Turn out and garnish with pineapple.

[Not sure whether breakfastcups are different from usual cup measurement, but that's what the recipe says.]

Chef_letitia, Sep 12, 2:25 pm

Melrose Cream:
Equal quantities of custard made with Edmonds Custard powder and liquid jelly made from Edmonds Jelly Crystals.Mix together when cool and set in a wet mould. An attractive dish can be made by surrounding the mould with different coloured jellies from small moulds (Egg cups will do.)

Chef_letitia, Sep 12, 2:30 pm

Simple Spanish Cream:
2 packets Edmonds lemon jelly crystals, 2 breakfastcups hot water, 2 breakfast cups milk, 2 eggs.
Dissolve jelly crystals in hot water. Pour hot milk over beaten eggs. Combine the two mixtures when cool.Leave until set.

[My mother used to make both of these many years ago.One of them possibly separates out to two different layers of custard & jelly, but I can't really remember now.But I do remember they tasted yummy and were very popular with out family.]

Chef_letitia, Sep 12, 2:34 pm

Sounds very much like it, but I don't recall using lemon juice at all...Some of these recipes sound great and inexpensive to make for the kids pudding.

Chef_wellyamerican, Sep 12, 2:55 pm

Add jelly to 1/2 of boiling water
Add 1 cup of caster sugar to 1/2 of cold water
Mix Sugar and cold water for 3 minutes
Then add jelly mix to sugar mix and mix for 10-15 minutes or until nice and creamy i made this yesterday left in the fridge overnight and its so good it tastes better then what you buy so good!

Chef_guest, Sep 27, 7:20 pm