Jo Seagar's fudge made with marshmallows

prendy1, Oct 20, 2:31am
Help! I'm moving house and have packed away all my recipe books. I want to make Jo Seagar's fudge with a packet of marshmallows, butter and chocolate but can't find the recipe online. Can anyone share the recipe with me please!

prendy1, Oct 20, 6:06am
Anyone with this recipe! I think it's in "Pearls From Jo Seagar's Kitchen".

eastie3, Oct 20, 6:24am
Hi prendy,it's actually in "You shouldn't have gone to so much trouble darling".

200g marshmallows
100g butter
1TBS water
375g dark choc(1 pkt choc melts)
1 tsp vanilla essence
1c nuts (pecans,walnuts etc)
Place marshmallows,butter and water in large microwave proof bowl and mw on high for 3mins,stirring once or twice as marshmallows and butter melts.Stir in the chocolate,cook in bursts of 30 secs on high,stirring to blend melted choc into marshmallows.Add vanilla essence and mix to combine well.
Add nuts.Turn out into foil lined 20cm square cake tinand chill for at least 2hrs but pref overnight.Slice into pieces and store in the fridge.

prendy1, Oct 20, 7:02am
Yay thank you! Will make this for the rugby on Sunday night :)

willyow, Oct 21, 1:39am
Is there a game on!

guest_sue, Dec 13, 10:34pm
The best chocolate fudge ever. SUE

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