No egg recipes please

tazzaboy2, Jul 16, 5:45am
for cakes and slices. . have no eggs but most of the other ingredients. . flour/suger/bp/bs-
etc. . thank you.

tazzaboy2, Jul 16, 10:04am
thank you very much. . will have a look. .

amazing_grace, Jul 16, 10:08am
There's that great receipe that Astar did on Good Morning, ages ago. Called "Bestest Chocolate Cake", it has no eggs, no butter and no milk. Just Flour, BP, vinegar, Bsoda, cocoa and sugar. It's brilliant, if you google it, it will come up

tazzaboy2, Jul 16, 10:21am
Thanks. . should be on the good morning website. . cheers will have a look. . what does the vinegar do? white or brown?

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