Dessert Ideas Using Left Over Chocolate Cake.

sam284, Jul 15, 8:43pm
Hi. . I have an uniced chocolate cake I'd like to transform into a desert of some kind. . preferably not truffles. My only other thought is a trifle of some sort . Would you clever people mind throwing some ideas at me?

indy95, Jul 15, 8:56pm
Hi sam284, if you type Chocolate Trifle in the keyword box of the search box on the left of your screen and choose Anytime as the date posted option you will find Nigella Lawson's recipe for a trifle and many other ideas too.

cookessentials, Jul 15, 9:18pm
my black forest trifle would be one you could try. Cut cake into small pieces and drizzle with a little brandy or kirsch ( if you wish) Put into a glass bowl, pour over brozen boysenberries or a mixture of boysenberries and raspberries ( or a jar of cherries)- I use the boysenberries as they are far more tasty. I whip one or two pottles of Tararura choc mousse ( or make my own) and spread this over the top. Near serving, top with whipped cream and grated chocolate.

indy95, Jul 15, 9:23pm
Oh my, cookessentials, that sounds absolutely wonderful. The only problem is I'm certain I have put on at least 2 kilos just reading the recipe so unfortunately I must resist the temptation to actually make it. Life is really hard sometimes, isn't it ?

2halls, Jul 15, 9:28pm
If you are after a 'lower calorie' option ... what about soaking some raisins in a wee bit of rum (to puff them up and take on the flavour), then mixing crumbled cake and the raisins through some lovely Greek yoghurt ? Top with a couple of curls of chocolate if you feel so inclined. You could do the same thing through softened icecream if you weren't counting the calories ! :-)

cookessentials, Jul 15, 10:06pm
it sure is! I usually do it with a chocolate Swiss Roll- I always use a glass bowl ( and have used a large footed glass hurricane lamp too! ) as the dessert with the boysenberries and mousse in between the layers of sponge and showing down the sides of the glass look beautiful. We very rarely have dessert unless we have people for dinner, so it is a special treat for us. -bu**er the calories LOL.

sam284, Jul 15, 10:16pm
Thanks everyone. . the boysenberry trifle sounds good. . fattening but good! Lol . It wouldnt matter too much if I ommitted the alcohol would it... i just dont have any on hand. .

campmum, Jul 15, 10:18pm
Defining Calories: Calories are the little bastards that get into your wardrobe at night and sew your clothes tighter! LOL

melp6, Jul 15, 10:23pm
oh calories

Because you are breaking the cakes into bits-didn't you know that they escape?

dragonzflame, Jul 16, 12:45am
Nah, you could just moisten it with the juice from the fruit.

trah, Jul 16, 3:30am
I made Cooks boysenberry trifle a few times over the summer. My sis in law, visiting from the UK, was new to boysenberries, and when someone asked her what the dessert was, she said "Poisonberry Trifle"! ! !

cookessentials, Jul 16, 3:49am
No, it wont matter. You will find that the juice rom the boysenberries will soften the cake as they thaw.

amiri1, Jul 16, 3:56am
If you're not bothered about calories or carbs,
thinly slice the cake and gently squish it into one layer in a container (don't squash it too much though) .
Throw in some baking/small marshmellows.
Melt chocolate with cream (how much cream depends on how firm you want it), pour over cake and marshmellows and let it set.
Cover it with sweetened whipped cream that has cocoa added to own taste.
(Sieve the cocoa so you're not left with lumps of it in the cream! )
Then grated chocolate or sprinkles over top for decoration. :)

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