Best Icing for CHocolate cake

tarshlove, Jun 26, 6:44am
I've just baked a chocolate cake for my daughters birthday and need to know what is the best icing to make. I would like to do it Pink and then decorate it. Any Ideas TYIA

tinkagirl, Jun 26, 7:07am
how old it your daughter?

tarshlove, Jun 26, 7:07am

tinkagirl, Jun 26, 7:11am
what shape is the cake and how deep?

tarshlove, Jun 26, 7:18am
its a 5 shape 3 inches 75 mm

tinkagirl, Jun 26, 7:26am
Ok pink icing sounds good, why dont you make a red jelly, let it set then chop it up. Put the iced cake on a large plate and spoon the jelly around the cake. Or you could do a green jelly and put little animals sitting in the jelly. Or blue jelly and put little plasic fish on the jelly. I am sorry but I don't have kids so I have never made a childs cake. good luck

natalie9, Jun 26, 7:38am
Butter icing! ! !

tinkagirl, Jun 26, 7:43am
yes butter icing with red food colouring in it. You will want it pretty thick to cover up the dark cake. What about putting those silver balls around the edge of it once iced (I think they still make them).

tarshlove, Jun 26, 7:45am
Thanks guy's will post a photo of it all finished
Thanks tinkagirl :o)

tinkagirl, Jun 26, 7:47am
your welcome, would love to see photo. .

tarshlove, Jun 26, 7:55am
Here's the one I did for Friday for her last day at daycare. This one was banana cake. http://images. jp

tarshlove, Jun 26, 7:56am
oh and Butter cream Incing is just the butter icing from the edmonds cook book yeah ?

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