Can I use Chefade for Chocolate Crackles

Instead of Kremelta? I thought I had more Kremelta than I do and have got a birthday party tomorrow. Thanks

Chef_sarahb83, Jun 18, 7:31 pm

Sorry I can't help you re the Chefade sarahb83 - I have never used Chefade but as it seems that you really need to get those Chocolate Crackles made for the party tomorrow, an alternative, although it may be a more expensive option, would be to use melted chocolate.
How much Kremelta do you have? I suggest that you make a part batch of the Crackles with what Kremelta you do have, then if you need to make more Crackles and have some chocolate available, then make some more with just the melted chocolate and the ricies - it may be interesting to observe and see which version is the one of choice with the little consumers!

Hope that helps. :-))

Chef_245sam, Jun 18, 7:39 pm

If Chefade is dripping, don't go there. my mum did it more than 30years ago, and i can still remember the shock of this meaty fatty taste when i was expecting chocolate sweet. it was an expensive mistake.

I agree with 245samuse melted chocolate. or don't make as many.

Chef_geldof, Jun 18, 8:57 pm

Thanks for that. I gave them a miss in the end because I didn't have any chocolate. Geldof that must have been horrible! I've read the Chefade pack and apparently it is animal fat so I won't be using that! I can't imagine what I was thinking when I bought it...

Chef_sarahb83, Jun 19, 6:51 am