Blueberry muffins ...

tammiraven, Feb 13, 2:55am
Has anyone have a tried and true recipe thats moist ... .

cgvl, Feb 13, 4:03am
Berry Muffins
Ingredients: 1¾ cup flour,
2½tsp baking powder,
½tsp salt,
4Tbsp sugar,
1 egg,
¾cup milk,
45g butter/marg,
1cup berries (fresh, frozen or thawed).
2Tbsp extra sugar.
Method: Toss the fruit in the extra sugar, reserve this sugar.
Sift dry ingredients add sugar and mix well. stir in berries. Melt butter and add with milk and beaten egg. Stir until just mixed.
Spoon into muffin tins and sprinkle the extra reserved sugar on top before baking. This gives a nice crunchy topping.
Bake 200C for 20-25 mins. makes 10 -12 medium muffins.
You can change the fruit for any dried/fresh/canned/frozen fruit ie apricots, plums, any berries etc.

mvr, Feb 13, 4:38am
Instead of butter I use about a third of a cup of olive oil, and I also put about a teaspoon of lemon zest in the mix. Sprinkle cinnamon raw suger on top before going in the oven:)

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