Creme fraiche substitute please.

poolgirl6, Aug 5, 7:37am
Making fancy date scones for morning tea visitors. It calls for creme fraiche. I have spreadable cream cheese. Can I use that instead, maybe thinned down with cream?
Help please.

unknowndisorder, Aug 5, 7:39am
Where is the creme fraiche being used? In the scone or topping?

poolgirl6, Aug 5, 7:43am
In the scone mix

unknowndisorder, Aug 5, 8:18am
Not an expert, but I'd just use milk and a tablespoon of vinegar/lemon juice and maybe add a bit more sugar. (Never used creme fraiche, so a total guess). Oh, put the lemon juice/vinegar into the milk, leave for about 10 minutes till it gets clumpy.

davidt4, Aug 5, 8:41am
Use plain cream or sour cream if you have them, otherwise dilute the cream cheese with about a half quantity of milk.

Soured milk, as suggested above, will be too acid and too watery.

poolgirl6, Aug 5, 8:46am
Thanks, will do.

lythande1, Aug 5, 7:57pm
Creme Fraiche is a soured cream containing 10–45% butterfat and having a pH of around 4.5. It is soured with bacterial culture, but is less sour than U.S.-style sour cream, and has a lower viscosity and a higher fat content.

So you should use sour cream instead.
However on scones? I would just use whipped cream, it will be sweeter.

teoti67, Aug 5, 7:57pm

sarahb5, Aug 6, 9:02am
Greek yoghurt?

poolgirl6, Jan 10, 11:05am
Thanks everyone. I used cream cheese softened with cream and sweetened with a little icing sugar. Scones were cafe style dates, rolled and sprinkled with a sugar and orange rind, lemon rind and cinnamon. Yummy.

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