Roast pork in crockpot

littleblackhen, Jun 18, 10:17pm
Hi,Im wanting to do a roast pork in the crockpot,need some ideas please,it will be the first time I've done pork in it,tia

petal1955, Jun 18, 10:29pm
Yes its beautifully cookin in the Slow Cooker?crock pot.i do mine in a oven bag and then half an hour before serving place the bag on a roasting dish split open and pop under the grill to crisp up the crackling.

tinkagirl, Jun 18, 10:32pm
Hi there, you can't really "roast" in a slow cooker. But try this recipe it sounds really nice. I have not tried it yet but will give it ago myself soon.

korbo, Jun 18, 11:58pm
I did one yesterday, and put sliced lemons and onions in the bottom. and a little water. Put it under the grill, but for some reason it did not crackle.
Didn't worry as the pork was so tender, and didnt want a dentist visit. lol

littleblackhen, Jun 20, 10:42pm
I ended up doing the piece of pork in crockpot sitting on some shallots,kumara,yams,pumpkin,a-
nd 2 apples done in 1/4s,then i added a combination of keri apple juice and liquid vege stock,done it on auto/low for 14hrs,it was so tender,except the kumara was still quite firm for my liking even though i'd cut them down in size.

molly37, Jun 21, 6:59am
I find pork in the slow cooker is tacky.

catdog68, Jun 21, 6:50pm
I cooked Alison Holsts Pork Chops With Peaches slow cooker recipe for tea last nite. 8 hours on low but the pork ended up very dry. There was plenty of sauce, which was very tasty but unsure why it was so dry.

strowan1, Jun 21, 9:46pm
I struggle with pork chops, I’ve done them in marmalade, peaches, tomatoes, apples, all sorts of things hoping to crack ‘the way’. Tend to avoid them now, but if someone has a tried and true and willing to share I’d be grateful. Pork strips are my go to now, simply roasted, easy and delicious.

judz46, Jun 21, 10:20pm
I just put it in the slow cooker( no liquid) on low for about 6 hours and then finish it under the grill. Delicious

rainrain1, Aug 20, 7:15pm
We love this, it's a favourite, I must make it again soon.

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