Adding pasta into crockpot

supersapper, Apr 3, 11:27pm
I'm making a chicken and mushroom casserole in crockpot and want to serve it with pasta. If I'm cooking chicken for 4-5 hours at what point would I put the pasta in so that it cooks but isn't soggy at meal time?

fifie, Apr 4, 12:08am
My slow cooker cooks hot, i turn it up to high when i add pasta about 30 mins before we eat, and dont let it sit on warm as ive had it go mushy.

supersapper, Apr 4, 2:24am
Thanks fifie - I'm debating over whether it will be simpler just to cook pasta separate.

fifie, Oct 8, 5:43am
I prefer anything i make in sc to have with pasta now, is cook pasta seperate only takes few minutes and much nicer imo.

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