Cake Pops in Ice Cream Cones.

darkestangel1, May 26, 12:17pm
can anyone pls help with this one

spacekids, May 26, 6:18pm
i thought cake pops are usually made in pushup containers?

korbo, May 27, 4:24am
i remember making these with a packet cake mix in the cones, and in the microwave. sorry dont know how long they took, probably 5mins. think i put in 5-6 at a time. I would say do a trial and I think 2-3 says before

nikki1305, Sep 14, 12:44am
Anyone know how long they'll keep before the cone will go soggy?

My daughter is having an ice cream themed party and I wanted to make cake pops on ice cream cones for a party favour but not sure how far in advance I'll be able to make them.


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