Cabbage Salad

lyndunc, Dec 21, 5:37pm
I am making a cabbage salad for Xmas day as I have grown my own cabbage - woohoo! I tried it last night and I feel it is lacking something: cabbage, red onion and cashew nuts. I can't use celery or carrot as I get itchy throat syndrome. I thought about using tinned mandarins? I am using a bought salad dressing apricot and mustard.Any ideas please?

lyndunc, Dec 21, 6:02pm
Forgot to say, most fruits like apples, pears stone fruit are out as they give me the itchy throat as well. Although I suppose I could pick the fruit out.

blueviking, Dec 21, 6:12pm
Chopped pineapple. Fresh not tinned.Capsicum

frances1266, Dec 21, 6:22pm

lyndunc, Dec 21, 6:30pm
Thank you, the capsicum sounds good to me. And will think about the beetroot and pineapple, but capsicum is easy!

rainrain1, Dec 21, 6:44pm
I think spring onion is way nicer to use in coleslaw than other onion. a few sultanas are quite nice

bailey25, Dec 21, 7:26pm
Currants are nice, walnuts soaked in water for an hour or so as well.

bailey25, Dec 21, 7:27pm
Parsley, cheese and pineapple are also ones i add in at times :-)

lyndunc, Dec 21, 8:28pm
Ooohh, cheese, yes that would work. It has to travel so wanted something easy. Afraid that currants and sultanas are not on my list of foods, I am one of those that think they look like slugs in food. lol. Walnuts on the no go list for itch throat syndrome. But thank you so much for your suggestions. May look again at the pineapple suggestion as that is really nice with cheese. I think that will all make the salad much tastier!

jan2242, Dec 22, 12:27am
Yes, use capsicum, and maybe a tough of white onion also. I find red too bland for me. Love apple and sultanas with cabbage too.

gilligee, Dec 22, 12:59am
What about using cranberries instead of sultanas?
A token gesture to Christmas too.
Might do it myself actually!

sarahb5, Dec 22, 10:30am
What about broccoli to add some colour and texture?

lyndunc, Dec 22, 3:59pm
Wow, thanks everyone, all good ideas. I don't know where my brain wandered off to the last few days, but you have all helped bring it back. Sooo long since I have made my own salad, usually just get a store bought coleslaw, but I'm sure mine will be nicer because I grew the cabbage myself. lol. Merry Christmas!

sarahb5, Nov 14, 9:46pm
Merry Christmas to you too - will catch up on Facebook - you should come up for Bryan Adams

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