Cold drink made from Pineapple skin

punkinthefirst, Feb 16, 5:40am
I saw a recipe in one of the weekend papers recently which used the skin and core from fresh pineapple plus sliced ginger root and a couple of other ingredients. Put it aside to try at some stage, but I've lost it.
Did anyone save it, by any chance? Pretty please?

awoftam, Feb 16, 7:53am
There are tons of recipes online for pineapple skin and ginger - too many for me to guess which one you are after. Have you checked it out?

valentino, Feb 16, 8:43pm
Love Tepache, very nice cold femented drink made with just the skins and the core.
Can be made with the whole fruit too in chunks.


patsprat, Feb 16, 11:06pm
Yes Punkin, I saw that too & cut it out of the paper (BOP Times I think ), making mental note to self to buy a pineapple. Here it is :

Pineapple Ginger and Turmeric Iced Tea

1 Dole Pineapple peel, crown & scraps (not the flesh ? is that the word. )
1 piece turmeric
1 knob of ginger

Put everything into a pot and cover with water.
Simmer on medium/low heat for about 30 minutes.
Put a lid on the pot and let it infuse for another 25 minutes.
Strain everything into a jar and chill in the fridge till cold.
Serve cold with ice or hot if you like.

It even suggests that it's a great substitute for a glass of wine.
We'll see! Remember it's just the scraps, save the pineapple flesh for something else :)

buzzy110, Feb 16, 11:48pm
That looks tempting

marcs, Feb 17, 12:56am
My mum has been boiling pineapple scraps and making "juice" as she called it. She put a pinch of salt in it as in tropical countries we salt our pineapple (wash the salt off after 15 minutes or soak in salted water) to stop mouth sore and ulcers that pineapple acid causes. Will try adding turmeric and ginger next time.

punkinthefirst, Feb 17, 10:12am
Thanks patsprat. the very one.

uli, Feb 18, 9:30pm
While it looks very tempting I think I will wait until I have another of my own pineapples soon.
I do not feel I want to try out what range of chemicals have accumulated on those pineapple skins from growing to packaging to fumigating to let them into NZ.

buzzy110, Feb 18, 9:59pm
Good point uli.

punkinthefirst, Feb 19, 6:58am
Actually, I've been reading up. pineapples are apparently one of the few fruits with very few pests, so are not sprayed as a matter of course. Although they would definitely have to be fumigated or irradiated. We don't want any more insect or other pests getting into the country.

ruby2shoes, Feb 23, 3:37am
I made this. a bit watery, but with the ginger and tumeric zing. I added some fresh pineapple slices to the glass. Shoulda got a wee umbrella as well!

brouser3, Feb 23, 8:35pm
To true. Even the tops of the pineapple seem to be cut off now before seeing the shop - and how many are green or have signs of green (I presume mould) on the base where they have been cut from the plant. Pretty Yuk really. Rather save my pennies and have a ''real'' pineapple when travelling abroad.

uli, Mar 4, 6:34am
Grow your own if you have no frost . easy as!

pickles7, Mar 5, 6:24am
I have just got my first pineapple seedling, and am so wrapped. Planted 20 seeds, only got one to grow. I have to say it was not easy, I do now wish I jotted down a few notes. The seeds are found on the inside of where the flowers were., tiny little brown seeds, 1 per flower.

harrislucinda, Mar 5, 8:23pm
go my first pineapple and then another plant coming up the side

pickles7, Mar 6, 3:03am
wow that is great. did you grow it from seed ?

harrislucinda, Oct 17, 1:02pm
no baby plant came from the nth island

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