Corn on Cob (in husk) cooked in Microwave

This is the best way to take the husk off once it's cooked.

Chef_julzienz, Jan 17, 10:23 pm

I do 3 mins per cob at least.

Chef_freesia, Jan 17, 10:52 pm

I do approx three minutes for a single cob.

Chef_kaddiew, Jan 17, 10:58 pm

At least 3 mins

Chef_vomo2, Jan 18, 3:04 pm

We do 3 mins, dampen the corn first and I usually stick a bit of butter between the outer leaves and the corn. Wife wraps it in glad-wrap before cooking but no idea whether or not that makes a difference.

Chef_socram, Jan 18, 3:41 pm

I do five minutes, but it will depend on the strength of your microwave.

Chef_alwaysnice, Jan 18, 3:49 pm

I take most to husk off. Just leave 1-2 layers.

Chef_niffer13, Jan 18, 4:44 pm

Works really well although I am sure the vid I saw a couple of years ago didn't cut the end off until the corn was cooked and he did it hot with gloves on., Jan 18, 5:21 pm

3 minutesper cob here too and I leave just a couple of layers of husk on.

Chef_nauru, Jan 18, 8:43 pm

Frozen cobs about 7 minutes

Chef_pommyjohn1, Jan 19, 7:23 am

Yeah I do it after cooking. It doesn't really work as well when it's raw.

Chef_julzienz, Jan 19, 10:25 am

I never cook my corn that way anymore, when I found out how bad microwaves are and they kill all the nutrients as well

I now boil in husk - easy to take it off then and I pull the husk back to use as a handle

Chef_motorbo, Jan 19, 10:53 am

Boiling will take longer than microwave so will destroy just as many nutrients - well it won't actually destroy them of course but they'll all be in the water that you then throw away. I am still waiting for scientific proof from you that microwaving destroys nutrients as all the evidence I've read contradicts this completely and, in fact, you retain more nutrients because the food is cooked more quickly.

Chef_sarahb5, Jan 19, 1:15 pm

yum, tried it out last night and very pleased with the way shown.
No trouble getiing the corn out.

Chef_clair4, Jan 20, 3:37 pm

I am still waiting for scientific proof from you. you really said that? lol

Chef_motorbo, Jan 20, 3:52 pm

Yes I actually said that - do you have any?

Chef_sarahb5, Jan 20, 6:44 pm

how long please

Chef_jessie981, Jan 17, 6:54 pm

1 1/2 - 2 mins each cob.

Chef_niffer13, Jan 17, 6:57 pm

Thanks for quick reply

Chef_jessie981, May 4, 2:45 pm

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