Oven trays

Where can you buy the large metal oven trays from? My oven never came with any and just wandered if there is a shop that you can get them from? Thanks

Chef_ryelands1, Feb 23, 1:42 pm

Mitre 10, Hammer hardware if you can find one now- Stevens or any good kitchen shop should have them. New ovens don't come with oven trays or mine didn't a couple of years ago.

Chef_samsnan, Feb 23, 2:42 pm

Second hand shops?

Chef_punkinthefirst, Feb 23, 3:09 pm

I have seen them at Mitre 10. Make sure you measure you oven before you go as they come in a few sizes.

Chef_jwjmummy, Feb 23, 6:44 pm

thks will go look

Chef_ryelands1, Feb 3, 6:59 am

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