Ways to tendersize really tough meat?

As in beef? What are your secrets?

Chef_katje, Jun 16, 10:01 am

Marinade over night ( or a few days) in equal quantities of sugar or honey, soya sauce and oil

Chef_rainrain1, Jun 16, 10:12 am

Whoops I forgot to say garlic :)

Chef_rainrain1, Jun 16, 10:33 am

Kiwifruit tenderises meat. Simple: rub both sides of the meat with kiwifruit skin or slices of kiwifruit and leave for 20 minutes. The meat becomes wonderfully soft, ready for immediate frying, barbecuing or roasting.

Chef_kiwitrish, Jun 16, 10:39 am

Slow cooker. Sorted.

Chef_sifty, Jun 16, 10:42 am

And it tastes divine

Chef_rainrain1, Jun 16, 11:03 am

dont leave over night but works well

Chef_whitehead., Jun 16, 11:18 am

Baking soda spri kle on leave for 10-15 minutes. Wash it all off properly then dry off with paper towels and fry

Chef_crails, Jun 16, 11:35 am

I use 1/4 tsp baking soda, 2 tbspn soy sauce and 2 cloves of crushed garlic. Mix all together and brush on meat. Its not supposed to be used on high quality meat but last night I put it on sliced ribeye and it was delicious. Leave the mixture on for longer for tougher meat. When cooking meat do not rinse mixture off meat, the baking soda cannot be tasted. It really is wonderful

Chef_malcovy, Jun 16, 1:11 pm

Cook it slowly and in a casserole.

Chef_lythande1, Jun 16, 2:41 pm

In a smoker. Low and slow.

Chef_wheelmann, Jun 16, 4:11 pm

baking soda, as above

Chef_pericles, Jun 18, 1:24 pm

What cut of beef?

Chef_mjhdeal, Jun 18, 1:32 pm

Kiwifruit. It doesn't add extra flavours like soy and garlic do. You can also use pawpaw.

Chef_arielbooks, May 20, 9:06 pm

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