Banana ice cream.

hd07, Jun 15, 8:30am
Not sure if anyone else makes this, but it's so cheap and easy, plus my kids think it's nicer than any shop bought ice cream.

Best with over ripe bananas - usually get them very cheap from the fruit and veg shop. I break them in to small bits and freeze in glad bags (I do two bananas in one bag, which is more than enough for my two gannets).

Once fully frozen, put them in the blender with enough runny cream to mix (you sometimes need to move the bananas around to fully blend). Initially started with just adding cinnamon. Then tried frozen berries in with it. Have also added frozen mango. My kids fav now is adding a tablespoon of cocoa. No added sugar, as the over ripe bananas are sweet enough. It seriously makes the nicest, creamiest ice cream! So cheap and not that unhealthy lol. In summer, I made berry coulis to go with it (or nice in cones), now it's colder I've been making custard with it.

Totally recommend if you like bananas or a cheap, healthy dessert.

sarahb5, May 26, 8:48am
I have a Yonana machine - it's awesome (cost me nothing with my fly buys points) - blueberries or mango are my favourite

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