Food Safety Plan - Register of Ingredients Used

I am making large quantities of food. I am wanting a register (template) of ingredients used.

i.e. This biscuit was made of the following ingredients. The flour was Pams Flour, Batch Number XX, Manufactured by XX

Is there such a thing?

Do cafes use such a register?

Chef_carter441, May 24, 8:40 pm

Chef_awoftam, May 24, 8:42 pm

Thank you. Yes, along those lines.

I can't seem to find the template I am looking for. Perhaps it doesn't exist? I just would have thought that commercial kitchens would need to record what ingredients they have used to produce a product?

Chef_carter441, May 24, 8:59 pm

I'd give them a call on Monday. Must be some somewhere and better than reinventing the wheel. Best of luck.

Chef_awoftam, May 24, 9:21 pm

Thank you for trying to help.

Chef_carter441, May 24, 9:22 pm

Commercial kitchen mostly use the very reliable Bakels Products, that is why all muffins taste the same in all shops.

Chef_lilyfield, May 25, 7:59 am

Delivery dockets, order forms, receipts and invoices for the Kitchen/Cafe may provide enough information instead of starting another file of documentation - check with someone in the industry.

Chef_phalanx2, Jul 12, 11:16 pm

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