Jo Seagar loaf with 8 cups of ingredients

calista, Jan 17, 4:24am
Hi, I used to have this recipe, which I think had 2 cups of each of the 4 ingredients, (or maybe 1 cup of wholemeal and 1 cup of s/r flour).It may have had bran in it too.

Sorry to be so vague.Does it sound familiar to anyone? Can anyone post if for me. or give me a mane so I can search for it please?

Thanks for your help.

245sam, Jan 17, 4:37am
calista, I wonder if the recipe you're wanting is something similar to the recipe on the following link - that recipe has 10 cups of ingredients i.e. 2 cups each of the 5 ingredients.....

gardie, Jan 17, 5:48am
Have made this - its an awesome recipe.

calista, Jan 17, 6:28am
That's it!Thanks Sam.

When she says "bran" is it wheat bran?

I'm hoping to use some 1 1/2 cup Bakers Secret loaf tins so I don't have a huge loaf to plough through, and can give some away.

Thanks too gardie - always helpful to know a recipe has gone down well for others.

cgvl, Jan 17, 10:06am
Bran usually refers to baking bran in recipes and yes i think they now call it wheat bran as well. Its soft flakes and nice added to muesli or sprinkled on top of fruit at breakfast.

245sam, Jan 17, 10:45am
you're welcome, calista

IMO, yes as advised above by cgvl - baking bran or wheat bran and not usually oat bran, rice bran or All Bran, the latter of which I personally would not use unless the recipe specified its use.

Hope your loaves work out as you plan and that you enjoy them - if you find a loaf too much to cope with, have you thought of, or tried, cutting it into pieces or as my elderly Mum does, slice it so that a slice or two or a few slices can be taken from the freezer as needed?:-))

2bakerz, Jan 18, 12:46am
Think I'll try this one, too but I only have Oat Bran....will that make a big difference, say to texture or taste?

245sam, Jan 18, 1:15am
2bakerz, I've just had a look in Jo's book "Jo Seagar Cooks" where basically the same recipe is for Healthy Raisin Loaf except that these are the ingredients.....
1 cup each of rolled oatsandbran (again I would assume she means wheat bran)
2 cups raisins or other dried fruit (sultanas, apricots, etc.)
2 cups each ofraw sugar,milkandself-raising flour

The only reservation I have re using oat bran is whether or not the oat bran version may need more (or maybe even less) liquid??
IMO, taste-wise I think that the loaf would be just as nice, if not nicer with oat bran rather than the wheat bran.
Please do let us know your thoughts once you've done the taste test.:-))

tich50, Jan 18, 1:54am
Thanx #2.justbakedthisloafanditcameoutbeautifully.willfreezeafewslicesaswell.

2bakerz, Jan 19, 2:01am
Well, Sam - you've solved a problem for me!For the first time I used this oat bran in my banana muffins and thought at the time the mix was a bit stodgy - the muffins weren't nice at all, so they're now cake crumbs now awaiting winter pudding time!So I will bear that in mind when I do the loaf (too hot to bake just yet!).Sounds as though this loaf is a good one!

calista, Feb 11, 1:01pm
There used to be an oat bran called Vi bran which had a lovely muffin recipe.I made then for my brothers and they vanished in no time.