Double yolks and baking

Hi a previous thread got me thinking about double yolkers. Do you count them as 1 egg or 2 if you are using them for baking? Cause if you are using a double yolk and needed 2 eggs you are short a egg white. Do you make up the difference with something else? or just have 2 whites and 3 yolks or take a yolk out? What's everyones thoughts?

Chef_2spotties, Jul 19, 6:09 am

1. The egg is not bigger - the yolks have basically the same volume as a single one.

Chef_lythande1, Jul 19, 7:31 am

I would count a double yolker as one egg

Chef_rainrain1, Jul 19, 9:20 am

One egg as the weight of the egg is the same.

Chef_marcs, Feb 26, 9:15 pm

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