Potato Croquettes

don't think I'll master them. Second try. Flavour was fine but bit stoddy.

Chef_jessie981, Apr 6, 8:46 pm

Was your oil hot enough when cooking ?

Chef_ruby19, Apr 7, 11:05 pm

simple finely chopped onion mashed spud an egg tin of fish as much as you like or left over cooked fish and a little cheese if you like it make into croquettes chill , roll in egg and bread crumbs ,when ready to cook ether drop into hot fat or cook at 350 in a hot oven after spraying with cooking oil so your bread crumbs go crispy

Chef_whitehead., Apr 10, 10:34 am

i use cooking paper to keep the tray clean

Chef_whitehead., Apr 10, 10:34 am

I used to dip them in egg and roll in breadcrumbs, put them in the fridge for a while and then repeat the egg and breadcrumb stage again. So, they got a thicker crunchier texture with the two coatings.

Chef_pogram0, Oct 15, 6:53 am

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