Icing for a Christmas cake

ljayl, Dec 8, 9:21pm
I made my first proper Christmas cake ever (nearly 60 ! ) and it is nearly time to ice it . I don't want to do the royal icing . prefer the brandy icing . so I have 2 questions . how long will the brandy butter icing keep and is it best to ice straight onto the cake or onto a marzipan layer ?
Oh and anyone with a yummy brandy butter recipe [lease ?

cgvl, Dec 8, 9:34pm
I ice Brandy Butter straight onto the cake. It will last a few weeks but I would do the icing Christmas Eve so it is fresh. I use the Edmonds recipe.

calista, Dec 8, 9:37pm
Well done on making the cake.

Sorry I'm no help whatsoever on icing as I cover them with nuts. I vaguely remember being told there is a reason for not icing straight onto the cake - but not what it is. Someone will know.

245sam, Dec 8, 9:56pm
ljayl, I don't make a Christmas Cake every year (depends whether we are at home or away with family).
I have always used the brandy icing and IMO it is best to use the almond icing /"marzipan layer" first before finishing the cake with the brandy icing because that way the almond icing prevents the cake from discolouring the brandy icing.
I personally would not leave the cake icing until Christmas Eve - it will keep if done beforehand and stored in the coldest possible room of your home. In fact I have kept a piece of iced Christmas cake for the best of a year and the only thing 'wrong' with it was that a little of the brandy icing had discoloured along the side of the cake where I obviously had not fully covered that side with the almond icing. Taste-wise the cake and icing were good as.

I too use the Edmond's recipe and will post it for you asap.

Hope that helps. :-))

Edited to add.
170g butter
450g-500g icing sugar
3 tbsp brandy or wine
2 tsp vanilla essence

Cream butter with icing sugar, then add brandy or wine and vanilla. Beat well, spread over top and sides of Christmas cake.
Any leftovers keep in the refrigerator. :-))

ljayl, Dec 8, 10:40pm
Many thanks to all.
245sam . I am glad you said it is best with marzipan . I am partial to that . I will follow the Edmonds recipe . I want to do the icing like snow peaks and put the little silver balls on . only hubby and myself here but am sure visitors will enjoy a slice or two as well especially if it keeps . the cake should as it was well soaked and has been well feed since it was cooked.

joey2221, Apr 29, 10:43am
me too at the age of 60yrs i have made two each xmas for the last 3yrs lol

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