Pickles. That wrap recipe using egg whites

pickles7, Apr 12, 1:22am
I liked it myself, I have moved onto using a lettuce leaf. The lettuce is lighter for me in carbs.
I am so happy with my low carb eating plan, I have now dropped 2 dress sizes.

buzzy110, Apr 12, 3:54am
Oh wow. That is amazing pickles. Two dress sizes equates to two stone (28lbs - 12.7kg) in old money. I too prefer lettuce leaves as wraps, I always give my grandies salad 'wraps' (finely sliced salad* ingredients) with a little dab of Japanes mayonnaise as a pre-meal starter as well. They love them and it gives them something to nosh one while I am getting the 'main' meal done.

* Tomatoes, radishes, celery, cucumber, grated carrot and beetroot, fennel bulb, mixed lettuce leaves, preserved lemon, olives and pickled ginger.

pickles7, Apr 12, 6:02am
thank you . buzzy110. I didn't think of it in pounds, sure like the look of that big number. I am just stabilizing myself before moving on to losing a bit more. I feel I have now reached a point where it is a life time change. I have stopped baking any low carb foods, it really wasn't a case of not liking, more a case of doing without the extra carbs. I get enough from the fresh vegetables I eat.

samanya, Apr 12, 6:31am
Good on you pickles. well done!
I often used to wonder about all of those cake/sweet/dessert recipes etc that you shared, if they were on your menu often & perhaps they were. Anyway well done for opting for a healthier eating plan . bet your self esteem has got even higher.

pickles7, Apr 12, 9:05am
Nothing wrong with my self esteem ever. samanya. I gave up smoking, gained heaps of weight. Just avoiding diabetes, in my later years. My blood tests are the best ever, not that they were ever that bad, avoiding problems is the best thing to do.

Smoking is worst for your health than the extra weight. I was told the weight would drop in a few years, it didn't, but I am able to deal to it now

buzzy110, Apr 12, 9:23pm
It's amazing isn't it? You probably never had to lose weight before and you also ran a food business which means you would have many sweet recipes and ideas to share on here. Then you decided you needed to lose weight and all of a sudden your previous sharing is held against you.

I no longer bake much (meaning I still have need, from time to time to make some confection), but that doesn't mean I have lost all my previous knowledge and skills. I guess that situation applies to you as well.

Also, if you read Recipes very carefully, you see that many more people want to know about sugary treats than they do about low carb. When someone was foolish enough to ask about low carb, there were a group of people in here who took personal delight in ruining the threads.

I'm glad low carb worked for you. Worked for me too. I've been holding steady at the same weight (1 dress size down from my previous heaviest) now since uli got me enthused. I too am contemplating dropping another dress size. Maybe, if I am still interested, I'll start that process in deepest winter. I find the appetite is at its lowest ebb mid-winter and my best weight losses happen then.

At the moment I have to go and make some pickled mushrooms and bake (shock, horror) some eclair cases. DD's birthday this Tuesday and she has asked for a Chocolate eclair as her birthday treat. I'll fill it with creme patisserie rather than whipped cream and ice it with ganache. Just what I am supposed to do with the leftovers is a problem. Julia Childs says creme patisserie freezes really well.

samanya, Apr 12, 11:00pm
From what I gather, smoking is way harder to give up as it's truly an addiction . so well done again.

pickles7, Apr 12, 11:51pm
.thank you. samanya. , and yes, giving up smoking was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. I would not pick a cigarette up for a blind person for fear of taking a drag. I gave up three times prior to kicking it for the last 8 years. Like a recovering alcoholic, who is in recovery until their next sip of alcohol, I am smoke free, until my next drag

timturtle, Apr 13, 2:18am
I am off them 10 years now and still find myself saying in my head "I am one puff away from a packet a day!" every now and then. Hardest thing I've ever done

malcovy, Oct 12, 9:57am
is excellent. I love custard made with organic yolks, cream, raw honey and vanilla and would freeze the two whites but since your recipe and I have made the wraps twice and eaten with pleasure.
Appreciation for the great recipe.
Quote Pickles.
I make this recipe for my wraps.
2 egg whites, beaten to loosen only,
2 Tbsp almond flour
2 tsp ground flax seed
1 Tbsp grated parmesan cheese
a small pinch of salt

I cook mine in a 28 cm pan.
If it breaks on the turn, glue it together with more cheese.

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