Revive Cafe Thai green curry rice

novices, Oct 12, 3:45am
Tried this yesterday and it is delicious. Does anyone have the recipe please.Think it may be in book 1

samanya, Oct 12, 5:22am
I have the three Revive Cafe books & can't find"Thai Green curried rice.
In book 1 there is a recipe for Thai green curry with vegetables . could this be it?

uli, Oct 12, 5:25am
Yes they are simple - so I will give this a bump for another year.

awoftam, Oct 12, 6:11am
Not vegan, no.

245sam, Oct 12, 8:21am
When out and about I saw that there is now a 4th book - maybe that recipe is in there if it is not the one you suggest samanya. :-))

novices, Oct 12, 8:57am
Yes, Samanya I think this is the one thank you

samanya, Oct 12, 10:07pm
OK . here you go
Thai Green Curry Vegetables
Makes 6 X 1 cup servings

2 large kumera
2 tabs rice bran oil
1/2 tspn salt
1 head Broccoli
1 red capsicum
100g can bamboo shoots
1/4 head cauliflower 1/4 cup aioli
1 tsp green curry paste
1/4 cup warm water
2 tabs honey or date purée
Cut kumera into 2 cm cubes & mix with oil & spread on oven tray
Roast for 15 mins at 180 C
Cut broccoli & cauliflower into florets & steam for 2 mins - do not over cook.
Cut capsicum into small cubes
Mix water, honey & curry paste together to form a runny paste
Combine all ingredients

pogram0, Oct 12, 10:43pm
That doesn't seem to be satisfactory - Revive Café giving a curry recipe with 1 teaspoons of green curry paste without giving you a recipe for the green curry paste. Surely that is the key ingredient in the recipe - you could get as many variations in taste as there are store-purchased green curry pastes. It would not be the same recipe as something you had eaten in their café.

davidt4, Oct 12, 10:57pm
1 tsp of curry paste will barely register in that quantity of veges and sweetening. And 1/4 c aioli! seems a weird addition? Maybe there is an error in the recipe.

245sam, Oct 12, 11:13pm
From the above notes, I understand that the café does not make its own curry paste, hence the reason for not giving the recipe for the paste. :-))

davidt4, Oct 13, 12:15am
Does he explain the aioli?

novices, Oct 13, 12:25am
Thanks for all the information so far but the dish we had at Revive was made with brown rice

pogram0, Oct 13, 12:25am
I had not noticed the ingredient of aioli alongside the cauliflower. But ditto my earlier post. If you are buying a cookbook thinking you are getting a recipe of the food you have eaten in the café then these ingredients are far too generic.

thusisperfectio, Oct 13, 12:39am
Also most green curry pastes have some meat based components, I sure hope they're not using them in their cafes. :S

245sam, Oct 13, 1:03am
Not an explanation as such but here's the recipe for the Aioli.

This is a great eggless aioli that we use in some salads at Revive. It can transform a boring salad instantly. It is high in fat so you do need to use sparingly.

Makes 3 cups.

½ cup soy or rice milk
1 tbsp cider vinegar
3 cloves garlic
1 tbsp whole grain rnustard
½ tsp salt
2 cups rice bran oil
½-1 cup room temperature water

Select a blender, food processor or stick blender.
Blend all ingredients (except the oil and water). While blending, slowly add oil and then add water at end until desired consistency is reached.

When making dressings you do need to ensure that all items are at room temperature, and that you add the oil slowly. Otherwise the dressing may "split" where the oil and other ingredients do not combine and you end up with an ugly mess. If this does happen do not throw it out - but start again with your base mix and slowly pour in your split dressing.

While not an ingredient in aioli, add 1 tablespoon of sweet chilli sauce to bump up the flavour.

Will keep in the refrigerator for up to a month." :-))

davidt4, Oct 13, 1:13am
Is Revive a vegan cafe? If so, as pointed out above, they will need to look carefully at the curry paste they use, as almost all contain shrimp paste.

samanya, Oct 13, 1:16am
I've double checked & it's exactly as it is in the book . no typos on my part.
I thought it wasn't much green curry paste as well.
But it seemed to be what the OP was after & now seems that it wasn't.

samanya, Oct 13, 1:18am
I've found one of their recipes for green curry lentils & unless the recipe you are after is in a new book, as Sam suggested . I'm wondering if they made the lentil dish with brown rice?

245sam, Oct 13, 1:22am
From the back cover of Book 1
"Revive's delicious vegetarian food contains whole grains, plant-based protein, fresh produce and virtually no processed sugars or flours.
The majority of the dishes are also dairy and gluten free" :-))

245sam, Oct 13, 1:35am
novices, have a look at:-

Was the dish you enjoyed anything like that recipe but made with green curry paste instead of the stated red curry paste? :-))

245sam, Oct 14, 12:43am
A short time ago I received an e-mail from Revive and in it there's a promo for Jeremy's latest book (Book No. 4), including a list of its contents which shows that Book 4 has a recipe for both "Homemade Thai Red Curry" and "Homemade Thai Green Curry Paste" - have a look at:-

novices, Oct 15, 1:49am
Have just checked out Revive's website where it shows the menu 6 to 17 Oct and under salads it says Thai green curry rice and this is what we enjoyed last Friday.

novices, Oct 15, 2:00am
Have just called the owner of the cafe and to his surprise he does not have it in a book so it will be in book 5 which he is working on now, so very good news! Brown rice, green curry paste, peanuts etc

samanya, Sep 7, 2:02am
I'm pleased you found what you wanted . I like his recipes & although they are not quite authentic, they are simple & tasty.

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