Fodder beet chutney - p*ss take?

I think someone's pulling my leg but they gave me a giant one of these and said (Southland farming accent needed here) "oh yeah, nah - make bloody good chutney out of that little bugger". It's roughly the size of Texas and must weigh about 15kg.

Chef_mazzy1, May 3, 6:15 pm

Anything's possible. I'd get that accent fixed if I were you though :-)

Chef_rainrain1, May 4, 8:35 am

Are you talking about Beetroot ? . if so they make excellent chutney

Chef_petal1955, May 4, 8:36 am

Chef_petal1955, May 4, 8:39 am

More like a turnip type of crop, although longer in length, it is full of sugar, and as sweet as can be to taste. There are turnip chutney recipes on Google

Chef_rainrain1, May 4, 9:04 am

"Fodderbeet" is a generic name. Could well be a Mangold, or a Sugarbeet, or even (considering its Southland) a Swede. Either way your famer will not be taking the urine. While not my choice all can be made into a chutney.

Chef_illusion_, May 4, 3:43 pm

We say swedes and fodderbeet. sorry old chap

Chef_rainrain1, May 4, 4:58 pm

Thanks all for your comments. This, as rainrain has suggested is like a giant swede type vegetable for feeding cattle. I'm suspicious that someone is playing a joke about turning the fodder beet into chutney.

Chef_mazzy1, Aug 26, 5:20 am

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