Marsala Wine for Cooking - where to buy?

Hi there - can anyone help and tell me where I'd purchase Marsala wine to cook with? TIA

Chef_ktg1rl, Jul 5, 4:27 pm

ktg1rl, here in Christchurch we have the Mediterranean Food Warehouse where we have bought Marsala Wine, and we have also seen it in places such as Petone's La Bella. Do you have access to any such places in your area? :-))

Chef_245sam, Jul 5, 4:51 pm

Chef_samanya, Jul 5, 4:55 pm

thank you . very helpful!

Chef_ktg1rl, Jul 5, 5:07 pm

Masala wine is delicious, it should be available at most liquor outlets

Chef_rainrain1, Apr 8, 10:47 pm

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