Whats a suitable red wine for diabetics?

satisfire, Dec 18, 7:42am
whats your favourite if you are diabetic?

cgvl, Dec 18, 7:51am
I like a Rose, but dont often drink any.
Decided to buy the single little bottles as a normal one goes to waste.

satisfire, Dec 19, 12:53am

lythande1, Dec 19, 1:36am
Diabetics (type 2) should avoid sugar and excessive carbohydrates. Alcohol contains neither.
Why do people think there's something so involved in "diabetic diets"?

joybells2, Dec 19, 3:53am
Alcohol does contain fruit sugar therefore a lot is not advisable, of course anything in moderation.

uli, Dec 19, 6:32am
This is a bit too broad a statement and says nothing at all.

"Real Alcohol" as in Gin, Rum, Vodka or Whiskey has no carbs at all and certainly no fruit sugars left.

A dry white or rose wine has 1 to 2g per 100ml. Then of course the sweeter the wine the more carbs you have as the sugar has not been fermented fully. A sweet dessert wine can have 15g of carbs per 100ml.

The same goes for beer - depending on which one you buy you can have 5g per half a liter or 15 - 20g.

southerngurl, Dec 19, 7:13am
wine effects people differently too.. for me it sends me towards a low if i have more than a glass at a time...