Sun dried tomatoes

I bought a pottle on thursday was going to use in recipe and have gone off
I have got some tomatoes getting soft and thought I should do my self do I just put in oven with oil on them sap and let them cook

Chef_sticky232, May 11, 3:19 pm

Pre heat oven 100c.
Slice tomatoes 1/4 in thick . Place the tomatoes on baking paper on a oven tray not touching and sprinkle with s/p few chopped fresh herbs and light sprinkle sugar.
Bake until tomatoes take on a leathery texture. This could literally take all day; depending on size of tomato, smaller pieces will require less oven time, remove as they become ready. Remove and cool, can freeze in snap lock bags for winter.

Chef_fifie, Aug 9, 2:16 pm

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