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nauru, Jan 6, 5:54am
Nice with piccalilli added too.

samanya, Jan 6, 5:56am
I made Annabel Langbein's pumpkin/cumin hummus when I had a crowd a while back & it was a hit.

bigjules1, Jan 6, 9:02am
Something to have with crackers - a pottle of cream cheese turned out onto a plate, pour over a small jar of onion jam then pop in the microwave for 10-15 seconds. Cream cheese softens and with the jam is really moreish.

nauru, Jan 7, 1:45am
This is nice with either Tamarind or Mango chutney too.

dorothy_vdh, Jan 7, 1:49am
Beetroot dip is delicious

rusty-bones, May 22, 8:50am
Sorry, so heres the recipe who ever wants.
250g tub Cream Cheese, 227g can crushed pineapple, 1/2 packet of maggii creamed chicken soup, 1cup of grated cheese.
Mix all together, the pineapple is drained just a little juice left in, not much.
I leave the cream cheese to room temp, its easier to mix.
Roll out to a long fat sausage shape and roll in seasme seeds, wrap it up in gladwrap and chill in fridge.
Have on crackers, we like Snax Crackers with this.
This is a nice easy spread to make and take to a BBQ, everyone loves it.

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