Cream thats just a little too old to be called

fresh - have 2 litres of it and don't want to waste it . what could I use it in without getting crook? :)

Chef_moovinup, May 28, 8:50 pm


Chef_onclemick, May 28, 9:28 pm

moovinup, another use for some of the cream would be in baking i.e. scones and cakes. Here's a recipe from the former Trade Me Cooks that has been very popular here on the Recipes MB.

"Best Ever Cupcakes
2 eggs, cream, 1 tsp vanilla essence, 3/4c caster sugar, 1 c self raising flour. Crack eggs into a 250ml measuring jug then fill to the top with cream. Transfer to a bowl and beat with electic beaters for 1 minute. Add vanilla and sugar, beat 3 minutes. Fold in flour gently with wooden spoon. Spoon mix into 12 muffin tins lined with paper cases. Bake @ 180°C for approx, 15-20mins until light golden and cooked. Cook and ice with your favourite icing.
posted by rkcroft" :-))

Edited to add another thought - is the cream fresh enough to use for desserts e.g. pannacotta, crème brulee? Thinking about the cream's freshness or otherwise - is it just that the cream is at or just past its BBF/Use By date or has it lost its fresh smell and started to smell as though it is souring? Soured cream, as long as it hasn't really gone off, is ok for scone mixtures. :-))

Chef_245sam, May 28, 10:06 pm

potatoes bked in cream with onions

Chef_duckmoon, May 28, 11:06 pm

fill smaller containers with it and freeze to use later in baking.

Chef_lilyfield, May 29, 10:38 am

I would do this too then you don't have to try and use it up all at once.

Chef_nauru, May 29, 11:16 am

Make butter, chuck cream into f/processor beat till butter is formed. Remove keep the b milk if you want press butter into a bowl with back of spoon washing liquid out with cold water till it becomes clear and no liquid. This is your butter add 1/4 teasp Salt if you want mix well shape and you have butter to use keep in the fridge.

Chef_fifie, May 29, 11:54 am

Scones and soup!

Chef_dollmakernz, May 29, 1:33 pm

Freeze it.

Chef_lythande1, May 29, 2:53 pm

Ice Cream Vanilla, Cream Buns Pavalova Choc Eclairs Cream & Jam Sponge, Lamingtons with Cream, Trifle, Butter. scones etc

Chef_pricilla, May 29, 3:26 pm

A very 'healthy' rice pud!

Chef_bluebell42, May 29, 4:04 pm

Sorry I thought it was fresh cream

Chef_pricilla, May 29, 4:08 pm

Definitely some scones! All my old cream or yoghurt gets used in scones.

Chef_macandrosie, Jun 30, 2:46 pm

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