Strawberry Eton mess recipe

Finally Found it:

Eton mess with passionfruit.
Serves 4
A take on the public school pudding.
2 cups hulled chopped strawberries
1 tablespoon tropical (includes passion fruit) jam – I use Anathoth Farm
1 cup cream
1 tablespoon icing sugar
About 4 large meringues.
Put 11⁄2 cups of chopped strawberries in a bowl, add jam and stir. Leave for about an hour.
Beat cream and icing sugar to stiff peaks. Stir strawberry mix into the cream. Crumble the meringues and divide between four glass dessert cups or bowls. Top evenly with strawberry passion fruit cream. Slice the remaining half cup of strawberries and arrange over the top of the glasses.

Chef_timturtle, Jan 8, 10:26 am

I read in a paper recently a recipe for this that had a tablespoon of tropical jam in it and can't for the life of me remember where I read it? Must be getting old! Lol does anyone have the recipe? Thanks

Chef_timturtle, Dec 9, 9:07 pm

Anyone. TIA

Chef_timturtle, Dec 10, 4:44 pm

It was on my Christmas menu last year so I must have a recipe somewhere - watch this space (don't remember it using jam though)

Chef_sarahb5, Dec 10, 11:06 pm

Chef_sarahb5, Dec 10, 11:08 pm

I don't see tropical jam in Nigella's recipe, which is the point of difference that timturtle is interested in.

Chef_davidt4, Dec 11, 8:44 am

Oh so sorry - I was simply trying to be helpful as this is a tried and tested recipe that was delicious - not sure why you'd want the extra sweetness of jam in Eton mess anyway but feel free to google for me .

Chef_sarahb5, May 16, 10:55 pm

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