Where to buy bulk lima beans?

It's ages since I've seen them, even canned. TIA

Chef_hezwez, Jun 7, 4:08 pm

hezwez, do you have a Bin Inn nearby? That's where I have seen (and bought) Lima Beans.

Hope that helps. :-))

Chef_245sam, Jun 7, 4:16 pm

Chef_kay141, Jun 7, 4:17 pm

Great thank you both so much. My husband has a yearning.

Chef_hezwez, Jun 7, 4:21 pm

I love lima beans. Last saw them in the Bin Inn. What recipes do you have for lima beans.

Chef_frances1266, Jun 7, 6:29 pm

Nearly all varieties of dried beans on earth can be bought from Bin Inn - they all come from China nowadays - and some are even called "organic".

Chef_fishplants, Jun 7, 6:48 pm

I haven't a recipe Frances, can you suggest one? I was just going to soak, cook, caramelize some onions and cook in stock with chopped vegies and thicken so it's like a rich gravy type stew.

Chef_hezwez, Jun 7, 9:43 pm

Mediterranean Vegetables: A Cook's ABC of Vegetables and Their Preparation has a great Greek recipe for Lima beans.

See here:

Chef_fishplants, Jun 8, 1:38 pm

Hezwez - this is how I like lima beans. Smash them down just a little, fry in a little olive oil, add crushed garlic, parsley, s&p. Lemon rind and juice is nice added to them for a change. They are nice when they go slightly crispy.
Succotash is a lima bean recipe that sounds nice. I cook them and find it hard to stop eating as is. Havent had them for a while so must buy some more myself, they are delicious.

Chef_frances1266, Jun 8, 2:55 pm

Thanks Frances looks good, I'll try that.

Chef_hezwez, Jun 13, 6:46 am

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