Key Lime Pie

I've got to make this on the weekend. When I was reading through the online recipes, it seems important to make it the day before.

The base which is crushed graham crackers may have to be replaced with digestive biscuits if Martha's Backyard doesn't have the real thing.

I can't wait. Has anyone made this before?

Chef_jhan, May 21, 8:56 pm

Do you have actual Key Limes? They are quite different in flavour to Persian or Kaffir limes.

Chef_flancrest, May 21, 9:16 pm

O no, I'm just going to use the ones from the supermarket, thats all we have available. So how different do they taste?

Chef_jhan, May 21, 9:18 pm

Key limes are smaller and tarter than the standard limes we get. My Mum makes this half and half (lemon and lime) to get the tart taste.

Chef_firemansgirl, May 21, 9:29 pm

Ok thanks for the tip, I have a lemon tree. I will use all the limes I have and top it up with the lemon.

Chef_jhan, May 21, 9:30 pm

My daughter does but she lives in the US and has friends in Florida who can get the genuine Key limes.

Besides Martha's.

Chef_coralsnake, May 21, 11:02 pm

Good call. Exactly what my Mum used to do too.

Chef_flancrest, Jul 19, 5:19 am

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