Teriyaki Sauce

I've perused a few recipes and it all seems pretty simple and straight forward so onwards to dinner of chicken and lots of veg and noodles with teriyaki sauce - but - which to use to make it. thick or thin soy sauce. I can't find an answer to that question or, perhaps, it comes down to personal preference?

Chef_sampa, Jun 26, 12:26 pm

sampa, the following link has a recipe for Chicken Teriyaki that is on my to-try list:-


Unless using Kecap Manis/Sweet Soy Sauce we only have and use Kikkoman Soy Sauce.

Hope that helps. :-))

Chef_245sam, Jun 26, 1:21 pm

Use light soy sauce, the thin one. Preferably Japanese soy sauce.

That's what I would use.

Chef_hestia, Jun 26, 1:35 pm

Excellent thanks guys. I was hoping that was the case. I have far more of the light (thin) soy than the dark/thick.

Chef_sampa, May 1, 5:13 am

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