'Jim Beam Bourbon Burger Sauce'

Yep, he is still stuffing his face, lol. each to their own.

Chef_pickles7, May 5, 9:53 am

Just had to see if this guy was still up and eating. Wow! he is.


Chef_pickles7, Jun 16, 12:15 pm

'Jim Beam Bourbon Burger Sauce'. sounds like my sort of sauce. That must be pushing things, I would think. I must get a case of , Jim Beam Bourbon in.
Recipe . pending.

Chef_pickles7, Aug 4, 2:22 pm

over 20 years ago we used bourbon in a chicken liver dish.

sautéed chicken livers in a bourbon Glacé viande cream sauce

1] first sauté chicken livers in clarified butter until pink in the middle,,
2] remove chicken livers from pan and then add a little diced onion and sliced bacon and mushrooms to the pan ,,
3] add bourbon and flame,
4] add some green pepper corns and a large table spoon of Glace viande , grapes and cream,,, reduce sauce right down until the sauce is thick ,, season with salt and pepper
5] place chicken livers back in to the pan to heat up.
6] place chicken livers on plate and garnish with heart shaped croutons.

Glace viande is veal bones and beef bones made in to a stock and reduced to a thick glace.

Chef_aktow, Aug 6, 1:56 am

piuckles7 you got me thinking,,

one restaurant i worked for, we used a lot of different alcohols in our menu's for example
1] Frangelico,, for veal
2] gin for ,, scollops and sliced smoked salmon
3] apple Schnapps for ravioli
4] brandy for pork fillet
5] red wine for eye fillet

Chef_aktow, Aug 6, 2:17 am

I wrote that just as an add for "Carl Jr's 'Jim Beam Bourbon' Burger' was being shown.
I went on Youtube last night and found a guy taste testing it.

Chef_pickles7, Aug 6, 10:11 am

I used a lot of Brandy, wouldn't get away with it these days with children able to dine with adults more.

Chef_pickles7, Aug 12, 6:22 pm

I can't wait for a little lick of this sauce, "Carl Jr's''' is not that far away from opening here. As if it's needed, where every block has about 4 or more fast food outlets, already.

Chef_pickles7, Aug 16, 1:11 pm

there is a carl jr by me and its nothing to rave about. service is crap. when carl's first opened, i forgave them for waiting 40 minutes in the drive in. i forgave them for under cooking the chips and leaving out the sauces in my burgers, but now, a year or more later,, nothing has changed. on monday, i thought i would try carl;s jr breakfast menu. , i was the only person in the drive in. i made my order and drove forward,, it was 8.45am,, at 9.05am i received my order followed by a sorry for the delay.
most of my friends hate carl's jr so we now go eat noodles.

Chef_aktow, Aug 16, 2:40 pm

Ok I guess the same will happen here, open with a flurry then nothing. We have another similar place in town that you can shoot a shotgun in most of the time You have to have something outstanding going for you these days.

I just took one of my grandsons for an ice cream at Mac D's just outside of Hastings, the staff were having lots of fun as we waited, one went to scratch someones back down her shirt, then was told by another staff member to, go out the back and do that, sooo funny NOT! then when we went to put the rubbish in the bin it was over flowing out onto the floor. A seat had ice cream dripping down onto the floor. Actually the store was dirty, too many staff, everyone leaves it for the other person. Have fun by all means, after everything else has been taken care of. My experience is, that is never in work time, there is always something to be done.

Chef_pickles7, Aug 16, 4:13 pm

I don't buy sauce, but will take note next time I am in the supermarket. It's on my shopping list in my phone. Look at the, Jim Beam Bourbon Sauce. lol.

Chef_pickles7, Aug 16, 7:07 pm

here is the web site for jim beam recipe's


Chef_aktow, Aug 16, 9:42 pm

Thanks. aktow. I will take a look soon.

Chef_pickles7, Aug 28, 9:51 am

I took a look it was interesting. Thank you for the link.

Chef_pickles7, Aug 24, 2:17 pm

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