Large banana cake

gummybear73, Apr 30, 7:26am
Looking at making a large Banana cake prob a triple mixture, wanting to know do i triple the cooking time too or if not then for how long please

kimkat1, Apr 30, 8:01am
I have a single recipe that makes a huge oven dish size, and I only cook it for 35-40 mins so shouldn't be much more than that, i would think... .

mber2, Apr 30, 8:22am
would you mind putting up ur recipes up on so we try them
Many thanks

kimkat1, May 1, 5:37am
I will go get it and type it out... . .

kimkat1, May 1, 5:42am
250gms butter, 11/2 cups sugar, 3 eggs, 4-5 mashed bananas, 31/2 cups plain flour ( sifted) , 2 tsps baking powder, 2 tsps baking soda, 1/2 cup milk...

Cream butter and sugar, add eggs one at a time beating well after each one, add mashed bananas, add flour and baking powder sifted, and soda dissolved in milk, fold gently to combine and put in a lined oven dish... mine is40cm x 26cm and it is great in this size, you can put it in a smaller tin and it will be a much higher cake, perfect for cutting in half and creaming... mmmmmyummmy... enjoy... .

kimkat1, May 1, 6:16am
oops, sorry bake it for 45 mins or until tester comes out clean and leave in tin to cool. . 180'C...

mber2, May 1, 7:03am
Thanks for sharing your recipe, i will give it ago in the week, it sounds very yummy

kimkat1, May 1, 7:53am
your welcome, enjoy... . It is a very moist cake...

gazz, May 2, 2:35am
Lovely smell of banana cake cooking in the oven now. Thanks for the recipe kimkat1.

kimkat1, May 2, 5:06am
you're welcome, hope it tastes as good, , , mmm

donnabeth, May 2, 6:11am
I have loads of frozen bananas in the freezer, can I defrost them to make this cake? I had intended using them in smoothies but it never happened. Most are very ripe.

kimkat1, May 2, 6:28am
Yep, i have done before, I have also used green bananas, ripe ones or over ripe ones, it makes no difference... I always freeze half the cake and eat half, and there is 5 of us, but it is so nice fresh and with lemon or passionfruit Icing... yummyy

girl251, May 2, 5:15pm
What a fantastic recipie ! Thank you my hubby a happy man now lol

Cake turned out lovely golden brown and very moist I like this recipie better than edmonds

kimkat1, May 2, 6:35pm
Yeah, my aunty has stopped using edmonds too, this one tops them all and it is a big cake, , glad to help... .

korbo, May 2, 7:13pm
is this the one that was on here at xmas. it seems the same, but wil try yours. sounds super...

cutezie, May 2, 10:53pm
righto I have written that down and off to the kitchen to give it a go .

mber2, May 3, 12:58am
I thought i would let you know that the Banana cake was a very very yummy, & i have put half of it in the freezer & thanks very much for sharing your recipe & also have you got an easy Carrot Cake recipe
Many Thanks

kimkat1, May 3, 7:15am
Mber2, your so very welcome, no I don't have a carrot cake one that is as fool proof as that, I havent found one I like yet, I do have a biscuit recipe that has choc chip, chunky choc, nuts and ground rolled oats in it and 1 batch makes between 150 and 200 biscuits, and best of all you can freeze the dough in logs and cut and cook when the oven is hot from something else... Let me know if it interests you and I will type it out for ya... Kim

kimkat1, May 3, 7:17am
How did you find the recipe cutezie, ? ?

suzanna, Oct 24, 5:35am
Even though Kimkat posted the banana cake recipe way back in May I 'discovered' it yesterday as I had bananas which needed using and a hungry lot descending upon me for afternoon tea. I made it and was not was easy to make, a great size and with people's recommendations of lemon icing went down a treat. So I'm bumping as we're coming into the season for 'shouts', Christmas gatherings, school functions and so on. Thanks for sharing Kimkat.

guest, Mar 1, 2:48am
Havent tasted it,yet, but has turned out risen(for a change) .I added cinnamon ,ginger and pinch of nutmeg and dropped choc buttons on top of hot finished cake to melt and spread for icing.. thank you for the large recipe instead of going through the process of tripling the Edmonds recipe Thank you

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