What food do you loath?

Raw oysters for me, and deep fried grasshoppers, yuk!

Chef_westward1, Jun 14, 4:27 pm

At the top of my list would have to be leeks **shudder**. A childhood memory of sitting alone at the table hours after everyone else had finished eating, gagging on slimy, cold congealed leeks in white sauce.

Chef_kaddiew, Jun 14, 4:33 pm

Walnuts and pecans, tinned salmon, macaroni cheese and hot ham. Never had deep fried grasshoppers but have had fresh oysters - wouldn't choose to eat them again but don't loathe them

Chef_sarahb5, Jun 14, 4:36 pm

And shellfish, mushrooms, capsicums.

Chef_kaddiew, Jun 14, 4:37 pm

swede, lambs fry, skate, veal, tripe and leeks

Chef_gpg58, Jun 14, 4:40 pm

Tripe, tapioca pudding, fish head soup are the things I would never go back to having tried them when growing up

Chef_ridgeline, Jun 14, 5:25 pm

Tea - eeewww

Chef_buzzy110, Jun 14, 5:29 pm

Cauliflower and corned beef and I know this is not food but hate Lindaur.

Chef_dreamers, Jun 14, 5:36 pm

Broad beans and Brussel sprouts.

Chef_kindajojo, Jun 14, 5:41 pm

Meyer lemons, black tea, tripe, billy goat.

Chef_davidt4, Jun 14, 5:42 pm

Walnuts,prawns and duck.

Chef_eastie3, Jun 14, 5:45 pm

Boiled, mashed carrots and parsnips. They are fine separately but together they bring back memories of horror meals at home from the 70s. Makes me gag at the thought of it.

Chef_garryb, Jun 14, 5:46 pm

Snap . same here.
A lot of veges that I hated as a child, I now love . all to to with the way they were cooked, compared to now?
I can't think of anything I really loath . couldn't handle baby octopus whilst in China, but it was probably nothing to do with the taste, just the thought/look.
I haven't had tripe for years but would give it a go (if I had to).

Chef_samanya, Jun 14, 5:49 pm

Kidneys. Taste like what they do - filter pee.

Chef_awoftam, Jun 14, 6:34 pm

Tripe, red meat. Love pork but it hates me :-(. Sugar

Chef_glenn-ellyn, Jun 14, 6:37 pm

Pork is a red meat?

Chef_awoftam, Jun 14, 6:40 pm

A few of the foods mentioned I've never even tried so I don't know if I loathe them - don't like tripe though *bleurk*

Chef_sarahb5, Jun 14, 7:11 pm


Chef_sue193, Jun 14, 7:18 pm

Cooked Cabbage is the only food that I can not eat.
I love trying different foods
I eat with my taste buds , not my mind.

Chef_aj.2., Jun 14, 7:25 pm

One of those days i need to cook "billy" goat and invite you :)

Chef_fishplants, Jun 14, 8:00 pm

I can't eat Venison - think about Bambi! Cook for other half begrudgingly but can't get it to my mouth. Not that fond of red meat.

Chef_sla11, Jun 14, 8:05 pm

Almonds, kale, raw oysters (but I'm trying with oysters) game meat I'm not fond of, except for the best cuts, ie backstraps. I would really like to try goat. Wouldn't try kina unless I was 3 pints full.

Chef_rainrain1, Jun 15, 12:30 am

Week old kina.

Chef_hakatere1, Jun 15, 4:35 am

when have you tasted pee?

Chef_lythande1, Jun 15, 7:22 am

olives and capers.

Chef_twindizzy, Jun 15, 9:05 am

haven't eaten red meat in 25 years. Am allergic to tree tomatoes. Don't really like raw apples. Banana cake. Whitebait - their little faces were looking at me! Never had kina or paua cos they just look horrid.

Chef_ruby2shoes, Jun 15, 9:24 am

I'm allergic to chillies, detest coconut and not that keen on bananas. Haven't tried Kina, but that's about it.

Chef_kay141, Jun 15, 10:06 am

I used to love slow roasted goat but the last time I cooked it (a forequarter from The Aussie Butcher) it had a really unpleasant musky barnyardy taste and smell. I asked the butcher about it and he said it must have been a male goat. I haven't bought goat meat since because I don't know how to tell which gender it is from.

Chef_davidt4, Jun 15, 10:24 am

Its an issue for sure that's holding back what would otherwise be an excellent meat. They basically round up wild goats and slaughter the lot then sell it as "Goat" if you did that with Beef no one would buy it. yet if you only slaughtered young (6mths to 1 yr old) goats then they would be regarded as a sought after delicacy. I am going hunting in a few weeks and will take a few young ones for the pot for sure, Nannies are more reliably good but the males are quite good until they start getting too stinky.

I did come in though to say I don't really loathe any foods there isn't much I don't care to eat but still respect the wants of others who may quite like things like tripe to enjoy it without me taking part.

Chef_beaker59, Jun 15, 10:52 am

I encountered that same very unpleasant farmyard smell in pork some years ago, and it put me off cooking pork again for a very long time.

Chef_kaddiew, Jun 15, 10:56 am

That's such a shame. As you say, meat from young goats is delicious, and I remember one slow-roasted shoulder as the best meat I've eaten. I would buy it regularly if I could rely on the quality.

Chef_davidt4, Jun 15, 11:03 am

Exactly, our local PacknSave has packs of goat chopped up, it looks like someone just chopped up a whole goat with a bandsaw and packed the pieces randomly into packs so you could get a piece of shoulder a hind shank and a piece of sirloin in one pack. Whereas with sheep meat in the same butchery I can get the choice of age animal in Mutton , Lamb and occasionally hogget, in cuts as diverse as shoulder roasts or chops, loin roasts and chops and leg roasts along with steak cuts, French cut etc etc. What would goat sales be like if you had even half that choice. Personally I solve that problem with a long walk in the countryside with a 6.5 x 55 and a Knife gives me a great selection of meat though can be difficult finding time to do that these days. (the Heart, kidneys and livers are nice too)

Chef_beaker59, Jun 15, 11:16 am

I have that problem with pork. I only buy from places who can guarantee that the pork is from a female. They know they'll get it back if it isn't.

Chef_buzzy110, Jun 15, 3:04 pm

How do you prove it?

Chef_samanya, Jun 15, 3:20 pm

If you google "boar taint" it's enough to put you off cooking pork ever again.

Chef_kaddiew, Jun 15, 3:54 pm

Tinned baked beans and spaghetti, celery, oysters, muscles, paua and fairly much any seafood - balk!

Chef_salniamh, Jun 15, 4:04 pm

Yep, I do know what it means (country girl, here) . I suppose if you took tainted meat back to a specialist butcher, they would have the knowledge & accept the fact . but with a supermarket butcher would they even know (or care)?

Chef_samanya, Jun 15, 4:39 pm

Neither, I reckon!

Chef_kaddiew, Jun 15, 5:12 pm

Tripe. The idea of eating a stomach makes me puke!

Chef_wasala, Jun 15, 5:17 pm

I really, really, really hate healthy food.

Chef_wasgonna, Jun 15, 5:21 pm

So you would object to the tribesmen in Africa who basically squeezed out the intestinal contents and BBQ'd the intestines, as is, as their treat. Not my cup of tea either but I don't loathe it only choose not to partake when I have no pressing need for nutrition.

Chef_beaker59, Jun 15, 6:24 pm

Being a Boar myself, unconcerned.

Chef_beaker59, Jun 15, 6:27 pm

Eeewww! I've no objection if that's what they like, but I wouldn't partake of this particular delicacy myself!

Chef_wasala, Jun 15, 7:10 pm

Caraway seeds.

Chef_dalkemade, Jun 15, 8:10 pm

Yuck - mutton stew which was cooked quite a lot as a child. Could stand the smell of it or the taste.

Chef_nzhel, Jun 15, 11:06 pm

Add to that brain fritters.

Chef_nzhel, Jun 15, 11:07 pm

Cottage cheese and pumpkin soup. generally like pumpkins but not in soup, and cottage chees looks like vomit.

Chef_freesia, Jun 15, 11:59 pm

Only one thing I avoid. Tamarillos. I haven't tried them in 40 years, but the childhood memory still makes me feel nauseous.

Chef_mjhdeal, Jun 16, 9:20 am

Milk and anything milky like custard, sauces.

Chef_lyingnun, May 25, 3:18 pm

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