Size of Food Processor

wilson16, Feb 8, 4:08am
I am too looking to buy a biggish capacity food processor.
It seems like Kenwood is the way to go, but I think I will look into the Magimix ones as well.
Does anyone use the dough tool for these! Are they suitable for kneading bread dough!
I like making bread, but it's hard work by hand.

I'd appreciate any comments on Moulenex too.

seavu, Dec 7, 12:31am
I am going to buy a new Food processor for Xmas and I was wondering what size is neccesary for a small family. I only cook occasionally and I saw some in the shops that were 1 litre, 1.5 litres and 2 litres . i liked the size of the small one but was wondering if it would be too small for some things! Can anyone help!I was looking at Breville and Kenwood makes (I dont want to spend too much as I want use it often) . I think a lot of you arent too happy with the Breville make.

uli, Dec 7, 1:13am
Depends what you want it for.

I have a 2l one, as then I can make whole cakes in it - like the magical orange cake.

Also important to check the Wattage. You don't want the motor to burn out when mincing meat for example.

seavu, Dec 7, 2:33am
Thanks UliI think the wattagewas 800 watts- will that be high enough!

marcs, Dec 7, 4:16am
Don't buy a sunbeam one. I hate them. I think go with a big one because there are odd occassions when you to do a big amount of some and you would wish you had a bigger one. A big one will also so small qantities as well.

katalin2, Dec 7, 4:47am
My Magimix has 3 different bowl sizes. Tend to use the normal one unless I am making pate, chopping herbs or making mayonaise when I use the smallest one. Hardly ever use the medium sized one.

davidt4, Dec 7, 4:53am
I have a Magimix 5100 with a capacity of 4 litres.That's big, and I find it really useful when it comes to making cakes, choux pastry, puréed vegetables, chopped meat, hummus and soups.The only thing it doesn't do well is small quantities of mayonnaise, for which I use a stick blender.

uli, Dec 7, 4:57am
Sounds good to me.

fifie, Dec 7, 9:27pm
Having had a large one, now have a smaller one, if i had to purchase another one i would go for the bigger model, find sometimes the smaller one not big enough for mixing larger cakes, making soup etc.

uli, Dec 7, 9:34pm
This is the one I have:!Model=FP950

and it comes with a big bowl and a small bowl and a liquidizer and a small herb and spice mill - plus lots of other accessories. So you have only 1 machine on the counter and lots of options. And it sure beats the smaller units that burn the motor out.

punkinthefirst, Dec 8, 1:59am
They are a powerful and useful workhorse in a busy cook's kitchen. If it has all the right accessories, and you can leave it out on the bench, you'll be surprised how often you'll use it. Get one you can use to grate, slice, chop, whip, mix cakes and liquidize things in, at least.

uli, Dec 8, 4:17am

seavu, Dec 8, 4:41am
Thanks uli - I think I will get the Kenwood- I was pleased to see that it has two sizes of bowls.Thanks everyone else for your input.

klc1, Dec 8, 4:48am
I had the kenwood and just didn't use all the accessories, and they endedup taking up all the space in my cupboard.Now have a Magimix compact.

uli, Dec 8, 7:37am
Nothing wrong with selling the accessories on TM is there!

klc1, Dec 8, 8:43am
The blender and spice mill won't work without the base unit.You could still sell them I guess but what's the point of buying that processor if you don't want the accessories.There are other models that are more basic.

davidt4, Dec 8, 9:30am
I'm clearing out our house and putting unwanted stuff out on the side of the road.As with everything else, the food processor accessories disappeared within an hour, probably to end up at Avondale Market.Inner city recycling is very handy.

coreblimey, Dec 8, 9:53am
I never thought of making choux pastry in a processor, what a good idea.Which kind of blade would you use!

skye7, Dec 8, 10:40am
Another vote for this Food Processor. We purchased it in 2009 and have used it most days since.

davidt4, Dec 8, 7:38pm
I use the cutting blade.It works brilliantly and saves so much hand beating.

klc1, Apr 1, 10:11am
The blender and spice mill won't work without the base unit.You could still sell them I guess but what's the point of buying that processor if you don't want the accessories.There are other models that are more basic
If you are happy with a Kenwood that's great. But I woudn't swap my Magimix.