Cheese - gruyere or parmasean?

Recipe calls for Gruyery (sp). (French Onion Soup - with toasted bread covered in cheese).

I have Edam or Parmasan. but couldn't get Gruyear.

what would you use?

Chef_duckmoon, May 2, 2:18 pm

I would make a mixture of the two and put on :) yum!

Chef_kirstybrooks, May 2, 3:30 pm

Parmesan is a very different cheese from both Edam or Gruyere closest to Gruyere is Edam

Chef_anne1955, May 2, 4:17 pm


Chef_lythande1, May 2, 4:29 pm


Chef_lilyfield, May 2, 4:42 pm

Yip. Me too. Yummo!

Chef_awoftam, May 2, 4:55 pm

Edam would be closer but French Onion soup made with real Gruyere is nice.

Chef_terraalba, May 2, 7:29 pm

Edam is nothing like gruyere

Chef_sarahb5, May 2, 9:39 pm

Neither - Moore Wilsons have Gruyere, buy it every time I'm in Welly, otherwise use Swiss cheese (possibly Mainland) for the flavour and "stringy" melt

Chef_sarahb5, Aug 31, 10:57 pm

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