What can i use instead of soda water please!

chrisynz, Mar 30, 10:54pm
or club soda as the americans call it, i have an american repie that i want o try but have no club soda and no super markets r open and our local daity doesnt have it.

sarahb5, Mar 30, 11:06pm
Baking soda and water - not sure what the proportions would be though

2halls, Mar 30, 11:06pm
I think water with a pinch of baking soda (bicarbonate of soda) would do the trick !Is it for a batter or something like that !

chrisynz, Mar 30, 11:08pm
its for churros. its and easy oven type one

sarahb5, Mar 30, 11:17pm
Hope you're making chocolate sauce to go with them .

olwen, Mar 31, 12:41am
Lemonade might do the trick if it is a sweet mixture.Beer if it's savoury

uli, Mar 31, 12:54am
If you have a soda stream - make some.

unknowndisorder, Mar 31, 1:36am
some supermarkets seem to be open today. Pak n Save Lincoln Road is, and an ideal time to shop, as it is as quiet as.

julz29, Mar 31, 4:37am
Any chance for the recipe!

corgi731, Mar 31, 4:39am
4 squares are open

samanya, Mar 31, 7:21am
I'm sure the OP would have already done that if she had access to a Soda stream machine, don't you!

mouse_y, Mar 31, 7:22am
beer !

uli, Mar 31, 7:40am
One would hope so samanya - however - not everybody understands what "soda water" really means - hence my post.

chrisynz, Mar 31, 9:03am
will put the recipe up later, thses are cooked in mini muffin tins. and not cooked in oil, so will let u all know tomorrow how they go!

samanya, Apr 1, 4:02am
That's rather arrogant of you, uli.
I'm sure everyone would understand .I was under the impression that there's only one kind of soda water .plain water carbonated, am I wrong!

buzzy110, Apr 1, 5:36am
Is this bickering necessary and was name calling necessary!

uli, Apr 1, 6:10am
You can think of me what you like - however if you google "soda water" then you will be surprised what kind of drinks will show up. While we think it is just water and CO2 - there are sweet sodas as well. Here is a picture collection: https://www.google.co.nz/search!q=soda+water&hl=en&client=firefox-a&hs=jcE&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=uiNZUeOvO8-7iAenxoDgBw&ved=0CGwQsAQ&biw=1680&bih=911

Anything that has "soda water" in the mix is called "a soda" . this for example: http://giggleparty.wordpress.com/

samanya, Apr 1, 6:18am
Um .excuse me!
Are you accusing me of name calling!
If so .where!

samanya, Apr 1, 6:21am
Lots of nice pictures, uli .but we are not in the USA!
Have you not travelled much!
"A soda" in the USA is quite different from what we all know as soda water!

Soda water in NZ is just that .carbonated water .right!

kay141, Apr 1, 6:22am
My thoughts exactly.

samanya, Apr 1, 6:24am
Can you believe it!
"Sodas" ( USA) being compared to soda water & the assumption that Kiwis don't know the difference!

kay141, Apr 1, 6:30am
Shall I comment on that! Better not, it may get me warned off.

samanya, Apr 1, 6:59am
I know where you are coming from!

uli, Apr 1, 8:43am
Haha - coming from you this is hilarious - shall I list the countries I sailed to during seven years! You are so sheltered you don't even realize it . LOL :)

And yes I know we are not in the US - although give it another decade and you won't know the difference.

Back to your soda water now and stop the posts about myself .
Give some good advice to poster No1 - although she most likely has done the deed by now :)

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