Replacement for soda water in corn fritter recipe?

white_elephant, Feb 26, 4:26am
It's a Annabelle White recipe that uses half a cup. Thanks

lilyfield, Feb 26, 4:35am
A wee bit of baking soda in water.

245sam, Feb 26, 4:42am
white_elephant, I'm a big fan of ginger so I'd be tempted to use ginger ale if I had no soda water.:-))

duckmoon, Feb 26, 5:04am
lemonade would add a sweetness, but would have the same bubble

white_elephant, Feb 26, 6:01am
Thank you for input everyone.

millseys, Feb 26, 7:45am
Just plain water. Annabel Langbeins fritter recipe calls for half a cup of chilled soda water or just plain chilled water. The soda just makes the batter a bit lighter

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